Thursday 23 April 2009

Field Trip.

Right, field trip? No, more of an excursion, I think. =)

Look at the ribbon braids.
Courtesy of D and I. =)

No words can describe this purr-fect picture.

KL SBU C/C Babies.

As we sat there waiting for the van to arrive, I looked at you.
And, I asked Cheng Ken if we could get it back. How I wish we could.

But, I thought twice for I know that this means a lot to you.

And, finally, after an hour of waiting, the van finally appeared.
I keep hitting my head because godknowswhy the van was so short.

Guess where i am.

*scroll down*


 Now, you'd probably know where I am.
If you're still blur, then you cannot be saved. Sorry =)

No words needed again.

The main stage.

I love this picture. It's like different distances.

We hesitated a lot before taking this picture. Ask Cheng Ken. =)

How gay this is?

One last picture before leaving.

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