Sunday 3 December 2017

Fashion: OOTD with Happy2UMy New Collection!

I love the excitement I get when I start pairing my OOTD with shoes and bags. Happy2UMy is an online boutique where shopaholics, like myself are able to get their hands on the latest shoes design at an affordable price. I find that their designs are up-to-date with the current trends and are exactly what it's shown in the photos. I've had bad experiences previously with other online boutique, whereby the actual product and photos shown really differ. 

I've selected a few pairs of shoes I would like to share and showcase with my OOTDs.

Heels: Austen D Mid Heels in Black
Bag: Embossed Matte Sling Bag in Black

This pair of heels is a must have in every girls' wardrobe. Comfortable, chic and versatile, you can match this shoes with literally any outfit. I'd choose to go with a White Bohemian Style top and Flared Red Striped pants for my usual weekend shopping day out.

The heels definitely made my OOTD more complete and adds a touch of elegance to the entire look. Its a simple design, but every fashionista has got to have this!

Heels: Albertini Rose Printed Trainers
Bag: Embossed Matte Sling Bag in Black

This trainers are good for casual days out. It looks great in pictures and suitable for any occasion; be it a date, an event or meeting friends. 

I've always wanted a white trainers because its easy to match my outfits with it. 

Heels: Daubs Blok Ankle Heels in Brown
Bag: Embossed Matte Sling Bag in Black

I paired this heels with my Blue Satin dress for a wedding dinner. This heels will give you the additional height you need to look sexy and elegant for a dinner.

Even though it's quite high, it's extremely comfortable, contrary to what I would imagine it to be. Suitable to pair with long evening gowns and dress with long trains, to prevent you from stepping on your own dress.

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