Monday 11 December 2017

Food: Favourite Korean Delights @ YG Republique, TREC KL

I am a huge fan of Korean cuisine and I crave for them at anytime of the day. I am always on the look out for good Korean food and recently, I came across one at TREC KL and it's called YG Republique. Korean fans would have heard of the name, at least once or twice because the restaurant is opened by the YG Entertainment company in Korea which houses some of the biggest K-pop idols, Big Bang and Black Pink.

Step into a different world and immerse yourself in K-pop at YG Republique!
You can find the autographs of your favourite artists and paintings of them too.

Absolutely enjoy the large variety of side dishes 'banchan' served here. They even have special salad which I've tried in Korea only at this restaurant. 

Add the salad into your meat wrap to experience a different flavour!

Korean Pancake (Pajeon)

I really enjoyed the pancake here because its crispy on the outside and soft, chewy on the inside. 

Personally, I usually skip the pancake at most Korean outlets because they've never made it right in my opinion. But, the one here is worth trying!

Butcher's Pork Fried Rice (1 person-RM 25, 2 persons-RM 50)

This fried rice is different than just your regular kimchi fried rice. They added some Chipotle sauce in this and aged kimchi for that sourish spicy flavour.

Samgeori Kimchi Stew (RM 30)

Using spicy anchovy stock, you cannot miss out on this yummy Kimchi stew during your meal. The kimchi they used to make this stew is the special Aged Kimchi which enhances the flavour of the stew immensely. 

To accustom to the local flavours, they even added a few slices of bird's eye chillies to make it spicier.

The Spanish Black Iberico pork are preserved and aged appropriately for a smooth texture.

Iberico Belly and Iberico Neck (150g each) RM 55 per piece

The pork belly has a perfect ratio of fat and meat while the pork neck is thicker but is juicier. 

Everyone might have their own preference, but personally, I still enjoy pork belly more than the pork neck. Perhaps I'm used to it, but the pork belly has a smoother texture and comes in a thinner cut.



H-G-01, H-G-02 Trec 438 Jalan Tun Razak

Open Daily from 12 PM to 1 AM

Phone: 03-2110 4104

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