Thursday 23 November 2017

Health: Stay Healthy with Lynnity, Let The Farm Be Your Pharmacy

Lynnity, is one of the superfood brands which allows the farm to be your pharmacy! These days, more and more supplements are derived but are mostly chemical based. Lynnity is different, their food supplement are made up of traditional Chinese herbs which have been carefully selected and processed using modern technology.

It is always best to go natural. And, that's the reason why Lynnity products are plant-based and contains phyto-nutrients which enhances our immune system. Studies show that people who eat more plant foods have reduced risk of chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. In the human body, phytonutrients stimulate enzymes that help the body get rid of toxins, boost the immune system, improve cardiovascular health, promote healthy estrogen metabolism, and stimulate the death of cancer cells. Consuming an adequate amount of phytonutrients through food or supplements will help keep our bodies functioning at an optimum level.

I have recently tested and tried out some of their products. One of it is the Lynnity Botanic Health (Phyto Citrus Blend).

The Botanic Health aims to improve cardiovascular health, bone and joint health, cholesterol management as well as to restore energy.

It is perfect for me, as I tend to easily feel tired during the day. After consuming this supplement for 1 week, I have noticed a huge change as I feel more energetic throughout the day and less fatigued. I can focus more and do more too! Taste-wise, it is slightly sweet but don't worry, it is all natural as it contains many different fruits in it.

This supplement comes in sachet form and all you have to do is pour one sachet out into a cup of warm water in the morning or with any meals daily. 

I have also tried the Lynnity Relief (Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil) which is great and does wonders for my muscle aches and tightness in my shoulder area.

This essential oil is high in antioxidant and it has the highest purity of active ingredient. It is made up of Myosotis Sylvatica flower. I find that it smells a little bit like eucalyptus which is refreshing. It leaves a cooling sensation after application as well. One thing I like about it too, is that it is not oily, compared to certain essential oil I've tried before.

Just roll it on for instant relief!

Lynnity is HIGHLY recommended to keep you in the pink of health!

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