Thursday 10 December 2015

Beauty: Tear Trough Filler Treatment @ Premier Clinic, Bangsar

I was always trying to hide my eyebags. I've tried almost all type of creams available in the market and have even resorted to certain natural treatments with turmeric or even lemon to reduce the appearance of those hideous dark circles. However, to no avail, my efforts are often put to waste and I'm always left feeling dejected. I went online to search and it seems that what I've got is tear trough rather than the usual dark circles or eyebags that other people usually get. 

For those unitiated, here is a zoom in on what tear trough means. Its basically an anatomical area under your eyes but it extends further down rather than just where the eyebags usually are. 

This creates the illusion of sunken eyes and makes you look sleepy or tired, when in truth, you're probably more wide awake than everyone else. I've always hated it when people asked me if I wasn't getting enough sleep because of these annoying tear troughs I had. I really wanted to get rid of it so badly, but didn't really know what to do about it.

I'm glad I went to Premier Clinic, Bangsar last weekend and Dr Elaine recommended me for hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers to plump up the region. 

I had a chat with Dr Elaine first where she explained the best treatment and procedure for me.

To address this condition, I was extremely curious on how this will work. So, I've decided to sum up the Frequently Asked Questions below.

1) What is Tear Trough Treatment and how does fillers help?
Basically, this treatment reduces the appearance of the sunken eyes and provides more volume around the area. I will need a double shot as I'm still young and it's not that serious yet. Fillers are like gels containing hyaluronic acid which can stimulate your body to produce extra collagen around the region. 

2) Does tear trough occurs due to aging?
Aging definitely reduces the amount of hyaluronic acid around that area and fillers are a perfect replacement for what your body naturally produces.

3) Will my eyes be swollen or are there any particular side effects associated with it?
It depends on different individuals, as some would experience a little redness, swollen or blue black around that area. I was rather lucky because I didn't experience any swollen areas. Make sure you do not use hot water to wash your face for the first 3 days.

4) How often do I have to do this treatment?
For my case, it's either once or twice as my case isn't too serious. Dermal fillers usually lasts about a year but bear in mind, it will never return to the same appearance as before the fillers. GREAT NEWS!

By the way, hyaluronic acid (HA) are completely safe as they are used in certain facial products, and are known for their moisturising effects.

So, here's the treatment process and a run through of how it was. 

Cleansing my face before applying some numbing cream

The cooling numbing cream which gets absorbed into your skin after 30 minutes

Dr Elaine draws out the region where my tear trough is, so that she knows where to inject the filler precisely

Antiseptic to sterilise the area 

Injecting the filler!

Look at the stark difference, you can see that the dark tear trough area has disappeared immediately after the injection of the filler.

Finishing up by injecting the filler into the tear trough of the other eye

The treatment only took about 15 minutes and although I was really nervous, I knew this was the price of beauty. It wasn't too painful honestly, it was rather bearable in fact. 

Now, say hello to brighter eyes! The best part is, I don't need to cover up with those concealer or BB cream anymore. 

Thanks to Premier Clinic, Bangsar and Dr Elaine for the treatment.

This is what my tear trough area looked like a day after the treatment. Completely no makeup around the tear trough region. What do you guys think? Pretty magical for me!

If you would like to try it out too, here's the full details for you:

Premier Clinic
40 Jalan Telawi, 
Bangsar Baru, 
59100 KL.

Phone Number : +6012-6625552
Email Address :
Instagram : premier_clinic

Head over to Dr Elaine Chong's website for more details here!


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