Thursday 31 December 2015

Beauty: Eyelash Extensions @ E Image Aesthetics, Puchong

I never really paid much attention to my lashes when its time for makeup. In fact, I rarely had mascara on because I'm just so lazy to wash it off one by one. I really dislike when I put mascara sometimes because my lashes clump out in a huge unsightly chunk. Plus, it's difficult to open my eyes with some mascara laid on it. I didn't like the idea of false eyelashes as well because I never knew how to stick them on nicely. It always turns out rather weird and awkward on me.

When the beauticians at E Image Aesthetics @ Puchong recommended me to try on their eyelash extensions, I was extremely skeptical. True enough, like many of you guys out there, I found myself being afraid of the uncertainties that came along with it. 

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This are the original length of my lashes, which aren't pretty long.

 Another angle of my eyelashes

After looking and examining my lashes, Joanne recommended me in a brochure of the different type of curls and length of lashes. I wanted natural lashes which didn't seem like I had false ones all the time. So I opt for the mid-length curls which is more of the natural type, with a length of 9 to 12 mm as well as the thickness of 0.15 mm. Mine was done with a total of 200 lashes.

Joanne putting some stickers on at the bottom of my eyes before beginning on the procedure.

This really needs patience as the beautician needs to adhere each lash one by one onto the original lashes.

Check out the huge difference between the length of the lashes!

Definitely loving my new lashes here :)


 Overall, it wasn't too painful but it took about 2 hours to complete the procedure on both eyes. Worth it, I would say, as you get pretty eyes without even having to put mascara or eyeliner.

Bear in mind, I had minimal makeup here but it already looks great! I'm definitely going to get my eyelash extensions done more often from now on.

Some point to take note after completing the eyelash extensions:


1. DO NOT rub your eyes, even when you sleep as the lashes will fall.

2. DO NOT  trim your lashes yourself.

That's it! Check them out below:

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