Wednesday 17 December 2014

Food: IsMe Beauty Cafe @ Nu Sentral Mall

IsMe Beauty Cafe is the first,one of its kind cafe which caters to those who wish to be health conscious and yet, indulge in good food at the same time. I've previously blogged about their very first outlet in Bukit Bintang. Now, IsMe is proud to announce the opening of their second outlet at Nu Sentral Mall.

We were invited for the food review session where they have tweaked their menu and even added a few new dishes for their customers. I like the calming ambience as well as the warm lights which was very welcoming and makes one feel at ease. 

As you may already have read in my previous post on Isme Cafe, CUSCOS (a premium skincare brand from Korea) is available at this cafe as well. Its products features 2 carats of diamond from their collaboration with Swarovski Zirconia and the concept is to literally rub jewel into your skin.

Now, let's focus more on the food available! Take note that everything served here is less than 400 calories, good news for us, girls :)

The range of mouthwatering cakes and desserts :)

Some of the drinks available but you know I don't drink coffee so, I can't comment on them. I would say, they look too pretty to even be consumed HAHA!

 Mango Mille Crepe Cake
My personal favourite because I'm a die hard fan of mangoes. The crepe layers weren't too thick and flavour wise, it was not too sweet either.

Lime Margarita Tart, Strawberry Muesli Yogurt, Carrot Cake

Mocha Cheese Cake

Red Velvet Cake

The breads which are made fresh contains no flour at all. Therefore, it is slightly harder but it is definitely a healthier choice. According to the manager, 10% of grain powder and 90% of wholemeal powder is utilised to make the breads.

German Kransky Cheese Sausage
Look at the generous servings of sausages! Definitely my favourite :)

Classic Chicken Sandwich
This sandwich toast is served with air fried criss cross fries which is lightly sprinkled with sea salt for a hint of flavour. The cheese used in this is pure New Zealand, low fat, unsalted cheese which is of premium grade.

Super Fruit Croissant
This looked extremely delicious and I was excited to give it a try. This contains avocado, kiwi, strawberry, mango, blended yoghurt served with New Zealand famous ice cream. All this goodness wrapped in a soft, fluffy croissant.

Me enjoying a cup of hot chocolate at the VIP area!

IsMe Beauty & Café ~ Nu Sentral

Level Concourse Unit No. 18 & 19
Nu Sentral
No. 201 Jalan Tun Sambanthan
50470 Kuala Lumpur.
Phone: 03-2276 0008 

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