Monday 30 June 2014

Food: IsMe Beauty & Cafe @ Bintang Fairlane 23 (Bukit Bintang)

Have you guys heard of the new kid on the block? IsMe Beauty Café is a unique, one of its kind café which opened a few months ago and caters generally to the modern day women. With its healthy and light menu, you don’t have to worry about the calories in your food as they strive to prepare meals with as little calories as possible. The ambience of this café is cosy, calming and relaxing, so it’s definitely a perfect place to hang out with the girls on the weekends.

IsMe will be launching their very own cosmetics line, Cuscos (Customised Cosmetics) soon. This skincare range is a collaboration with Swarovski and contains 2 carat diamond to whiten skin & brighten dull complexion. They even have a little corner dedicated for this!

Whenever the name cheesecake is mentioned, the usual thought that goes through my head would be fattening. However, IsMe prepares their cheesecake using 4 different cheese and the finest ingredients to keep it light and low in calories.

Blueberry Cheesecake
This exquisite cake was smooth and rich and surprisingly, it didn’t have that distinctive heavy cheesy smell which could make you full within a few bites. It melts in your mouth and even the blueberry layer at the top was just perfect because it had enough blueberry taste yet it wasn’t sweet.

Oreo Cheesecake
To be honest, I didn’t really like this cheesecake because I wasn’t even a big fan of Oreo to start with. But, for those who are, don’t forget to try this. One bite will definitely make you want more because similarly to the blueberry cheese cake, it was incredibly smooth and was generous with their Oreo bits inside the cake.

Mango Mille Crepe Cake
This crepe cake was perfection! Definitely the best I’ve tasted so far. Well, maybe I could be bias because the combination of mango which is my favourite fruit on crepe is to die for! Anyway, I enjoyed this because it wasn’t sweet at all. Instead, it was rather light & refreshing and they even had small mango bits inside J

Butter Croissant
Croissants are my comfort food. And, well, this was crispy on the outside but so fluffy like pillow on the inside. Close your eyes while chewing this, you would be feeling like you are in heaven! That was the case for me, at least. It wasn’t extremely buttery or oily, which is great for those who are health conscious like me but still want to enjoy this delectable pastry. 

Brownies topped with Vanilla Ice Cream
These brownies were heavenly indeed. It was divine, with its chocolatey aroma and incredibly moist texture. The ice cream which was all over the brownies made this the ultimate indulgence for those chocolate lovers out there.

 Spaghetti Chicken Bolognese
The spaghetti is cooked using chicken, instead of the usual beef in order to lower the amount of calories in the dish.  It was tasty and filling, I really liked the fresh tomatoes they used in this instead of tomato puree. There was some cheese sprinkle on the top of this dish which was a perfect combination to its sour taste.

 Creamy Mushroom Spaghetti
The sauce for this dish was savory and was indeed very satisfying. The serving was perfect for me as it wasn't too much. The mushrooms used were fresh and despite it being called creamy, it wasn't overwhelming with that cheesy, milky aroma in comparison to other spaghetti dishes I've tried previously.

I’m not much of a coffee drinker, as you guys might have already known but nevertheless, here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure.

 Peach Drink
This drink is great on a hot day! There was an addition of mint leaves in this to give you that refreshing taste. I don’t usually finish my juices by the way, because I would feel too bloated by the end. But, for this, I finished it without a doubt. Haha.

IsMe Beauty & Cafe
Lot B-1-1, Block B, 1st Floor,
Bintang Fairlane 23,
Jalan Padang Walter Greenier,
55100 Kuala Lumpur

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