Wednesday 24 December 2014

Food: Udon Ya San @ Pandan Indah, Kuala Lumpur

To those on the look out for good, cheap Japanese cuisine, I would say, look no further and head to Udon Ya San in Pandan Indah! This cosy and homey restaurant serves up bowls of 'udon' which are home made in the kitchen daily. 

I particularly liked the ambience which was calming and relaxing, great for those who would like to savour their 'udon' in a comfortable environment.

Some Japanese Calligraphy used to decorate the restaurant :)

The 'udon' served here is different from other restaurants because the noodles which are made daily are unequal in size and it's because they really do manually make their 'udon'. The noodles are best when they are consumed within minutes to preserve its bouncy, chewy texture.

Tsukimi Udon
This is known as the Moon Viewing Udon because of the soft boiled egg included in this bowl of goodness. I would personally recommend you guys to break the egg and mix the yolk with the clear broth for a more refined taste of the 'udon'. Oh, the bonito flakes was added to compliment the noodles.

Tsukimi Udon Dry
This dish is served with seaweed, half boiled egg, chopped spring onions as well as some tempura batter. This version has no broth and the sweetness of the seaweed could really be tasted in this. 

Carbonara Udon
This was my personal favourite because I love eating almost anything under the Sun which have cheesy, creamy carbonara sauce. Honestly, I thought this would be a miserable combination but the sauce which was made using parmegiano cheese, cream and egg yolk didn't fall back on my expectation. The cured pork slices (pancetta) which was served with the udon really brought out the best of this dish.

Mentaiko Udon
To those who are looking for something extraordinary, try this 'udon' which is coated with creamy fish roe sauce. There are seaweed and cucumber as accompaniment to the noodles but the highlight of this dish will be the generous amount of cod fish roe added. 

Salad Udon
This is the version of vegetarian 'udon' for those who are opting for a healthier meal. This bowl of chilled noodles contains shredded seaweed, cherry tomatoes and fresh lettuce with some sesame  dressing 'goma' to compliment this dish.

Here's an authentic Japanese side dish! Onions, long beans and carrots are fried till golden brown. Very crunchy and appetising to consume before the main meal!

Mixed Vegetables Tempura
Some other fried food available; lotus root, green chillies, brinjal and ladies' finger.

Chicken Karage
This fried chicken is tender and juicy with every single bite. The chicken used is of premium grade and flavour wise, I have nothing to complain at all. The skin is crispy on the outside and bursting with flavour on the inside.

Chicken Katsu
This chicken slices are fried to golden brown and it was as tender and juicy as the Chicken Karage. The dipping sauce was made out of mustard although, it pretty much tasted like wasabi to me. It was slightly sweet and had that distinct pungent flavour to it.

What's a visit to a Japanese restaurant without the soft boiled eggs? This was my personal favourite too and is a must have for me. It is usually served with chopped spring onions and sesame seeds. Oh, for those who may be wondering why the eggs look tinier than the ordinary, just note that free range eggs are used in this restaurant for the added freshness.

Udon-Ya San Restaurant
65 Jalan Pandan Indah 4/3A
Pandan Indah
55100 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 011-1310 4182
Business Hour: 11am-3pm & 6pm-10pm
Closed on Friday 

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