Tuesday 11 November 2014

Daily: Fractional CO2 Laser @ Premier Clinic, Bangsar (Part 2)

I had my second visit to Premier Clinic and this time, Dr Elaine performed the Fractional CO2 Laser ‘Lite Peel’ treatment on my face. She told me that my skin didn't require the ablative therapy which is stronger and harsher because my skin condition is pretty good. My enlarged pores and blackheads could be reduced using this therapy. Just a note, this is my follow up session after my consultation previously. Read all about the first post here!

Anyway, I was briefed by Dr Elaine on how the treatment will work and the laser actually makes tiny holes on the surface of your skin allowing your skin to regenerate and fill it with good stuffs such as collagen for a fairer, brighter and more even complexion. It’s perfect for me as my main complain would be my uneven skin tone and slight redness. The uneven skin tone present in most of us is due to the different rates of skin healing and repair by our skin’s own mechanism. 

Here I am, waiting for my numbing cream!

Numbing cream was placed all over my face for a good 30 minutes and honestly, I could not feel anything at all. Dr Elaine then came in and performed the procedure while I was wearing the eye shield. Pretty unglamorous, but I rather be safe than sorry HAHA.

Ta-da! Resting like a princess with my numbing cream on.

Dr Elaine preparing to begin the treatment! I was super nervous at the time but I guess you can't see it that much here.

It was a tad bit painful like ants stinging your face at first but after a few times, your skin gets used to it and usually adapts to the laser. It was a 5 minute session and it was not as scary as one would imagine it to be. There was slight redness on my face right after the procedure and I looked like bread with those dotted lines all over.

The nurse applied some aloevera cream to soothe my skin and some sunblock as well. And, I was good to go after that!

For the next few days, i definitely looked weird as there were redness all over my cheeks and apparently it is normal for me to experience that. I guess there is always a price to pay for beauty :)

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