Tuesday 2 September 2014

Daily: Fractional CO2 Laser @ Premier Clinic, TTDI (First Part)

It has always been every girl’s dream to have smooth, silky, flawless, pimple-free complexion and I’m no different than those girls. I’ve heard about Premier Clinic in TTDI previously from friends and family, and well, they do have only good comments about this aesthetic centre. Any form of injectables aesthetic procedures such as fillers or Botox could be done here. Lasers or acne treatment can also be performed at this place but bear in mind, they are minimally invasive treatments which differs from plastic surgery. So, I headed over last weekend to see how they could help me to achieve a good, generally flawless face. The staffs were pleasant and were very helpful. I liked the ambience of the clinic because it has this calming and cosy feeling to it.

So, before I get into more details, my skin type is normal (but oily at T-zone area) but I do experience occasional dry skin depending on the humidity and weather these days. Well, my pores are pretty large and I have these annoying blackheads on my nose. No matter how much I exfoliate, they don’t seem to go away. Oh, and my face is always red and it gets worse when I’m hot or sweating. So, basically I have listed my major complains. 

Here’s a ‘before’ picture of me! I know my asymmetrical face is obvious here and by the way, I have no makeup on so, this is my bare face.

I consulted Dr Aarthi and she was the most knowledgeable, friendly and definitely the kindest doctor I’ve ever met. At the beginning, I was a little uncomfortable as I told her my skin concerns but she explained to me everything I needed to know which made the situation less tense for me. She mentioned to me that my problem was common as I had too much oil in my dermis and the redness was due to my blood vessels having lack of fluid and nutrients. To address these problems, she told me it was pretty simple and all I needed was Fractional CO2 laser in a low dose. There will be redness for 4 to 6 hours with the skin feeling hot but it was bearable according to her.  

I was happily listening to the ‘lecture’ .

I was concerned about my asymmetrical face too and I got her opinion on this. I’ve always thought that I could only fix it through jaw reconstructive surgery but now, Dr Aarthi told me that there was an alternative which is pretty simple. All she needed to do was to inject Botox on my left masseter muscle (chewing muscle) to reduce its size and achieve a more balance face symmetry. Botox will act to shrink that muscle and give me a more V-shaped face as well. These days, I noticed my eye bags have increased in size too and they were quite obvious because of the stress I’ve been encountering lately. The best solution to my problem was fillers which will be injected right below my eyes. However, right now, my major concern is my skin condition so I decided to start with the Fractional CO2 laser. I have heard from other bloggers previously and their results were great! According to Dr Aarthi, I will require about 5 sessions every 3 weeks.

Spot my paper! Dr Aarthi explaining to me in detail and even helping by drawing things out so I could comprehend it clearly

That’s all this time, check out my blog post next week on my treatment!

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