Saturday 15 March 2014

Food: Jal-Dae-Ji Korean Restaurant @ One Ampang Business Avenue

For those who know me well enough, I've been a Korean enthusiast since a few years back. It started when I fell in love with Super Junior and then subsequently, I started being into K-drama. Slowly, I developed a liking for Korean food as well or better known as '한식' (Hansik). 'Han' literally means Korean and 'sik' means cuisine.

I began making my own 'kimchi' (fermented cabbage) because it was just too costly to purchase them from supermarkets. I was extremely adventurous as well as I tried making my own 'kimchi jjigae' (kimchi stew) and 'doenjang jjigae' (bean paste stew) from recipes on Youtube. All in all, I guess you can say I'm an all rounded fan of everything Korean!

Oh, I speak basic Korean too, yes, it's definitely from watching too many K-dramas. Haha.

Anyway, for those who wish to seek for yummy Korean food, then Ampang 'Korean Village' is a perfect place. They have at least 20 restaurants here for you to choose from. I've been there a few times to get my ingredients for my homemade 'kimchi' and in fact, I have tried out a few places there before too.

Last Thursday, I had the privilege to attend a food review session at Jal-Dae-Ji and it was an authentic Korean experience.Thank goodness it wasn't too jam when we reached about 7 pm. The restaurant was half filled with customers at that time and it wasn't even specifically dinner time yet.

The boss, Mr Lee ushered us to our seats and brought along the menu. He mentioned that it was better for him to select the dishes which he wants us to try as there were too many on the list for us to choose from.

Before anything else arrive, of course the usual 'banchan' (side dishes) arrive first.

The variety is impressive, ain't it? These can be refilled for free at all Korean restaurants by the way. At Jal-Dae-Ji, they change theirs daily and everyday it will be different types of side dishes. The only thing that remains constant is the staple 'kimchi' of course.

For the barbecued/grilled meat, Mr Lee picked a few for us.

 'Young Yang Galbi' (Young Beef Ribs)
Look at those marbled, high grade beef! I included pictures of before and after grilling because I needed you guys to see how good it looks. These were served with mushrooms and the beef ribs were so juicy and tender. Well-marinated and fragrant, this is a definite must have at every dinner table.

 'Dwae Ji Galbi' (Pork)
According to Mr Lee, this was marinated for a few days. No wonder the taste seeps right in to the bones and it is so yummy! I like how this isn't too salty and the meat isn't too chewy either. 

 'Dak Galbi' (Chicken)
Now, I shall teach you guys the right way to eat the grilled meat. 

1. The first bite should be the pure meat itself, so that you can savour the true taste of the meat. 
2. Secondly, dip the meat into the special sauce. Place the pickled salad mix (this is slightly sour and salty at the same time) and meat on a piece of lettuce. 
3.Take a small piece of garlic and put a little spicy pepper paste/'ssamjang' on it. 
4. Wrap the lettuce together and place it all in your mouth.
5. Savour and chew slowly!

To be honest, this is the FIRST time I have eaten a wrap with the pickled salad mix. Most of the Korean restaurants I've been to, they don't serve this together with the grilled meat. I think that the salad mix actually compliments the meat and I wished more restaurants would go through the trouble to prepare this.

 'Gochujang Samgyeopsal' (Pork Belly)
This was a special serving given by Mr Lee personally for us to try. This was so flavorful and chewy, it was my favourite of the night. It wasn't too dry and the fat in the meat usually gives it a slightly smooth texture compared to other grilled items.

'Bulgogi' (Grilled Marinated Beef')
I had this previously in Korea, and this tasted pretty much the same. The only difference was the way they served this. It is recommended to eat this with rice or else, it'll be too salty. Serving size wise, this is pretty decent.

'Kimchi Jjigae' (Kimchi Stew)
My all time favourite! Out of all the kimchi stew I've tried before, this is the least spicy version and it had that sourish ketchup taste to it as well. It was a rich broth and there were meat, tofu, straw mushrooms, cabbage in this. 

'Haemul Pajeon' (Seafood Scallion Pancake)
This is pretty similar to the Chinese pancake with chives which I genuinely dislike. However, it wasn't so bad because they had some seafood in this. It wasn't too thick as well and I guess the sauce served together with this will compliment its flavor.

'Tteokbokki' (Spicy Rice Cake)
Korea's most popular street food. This is chewy and I liked how they serve this with eggs. Oh, don't worry, this isn't too spicy! Reminds me of Malaysia's very own 'chee cheong fun' actually.

'Bibim Guksu'  (Stirred Noodles)
This is a traditional Korean noodle dish which is served cold and made out of thin wheat flour noodles. The noodles are slightly soft and taste wise, it is a little sweet and sour probably from the vinegar and sugar used.

Ta-da! A picture grabbed from my Instagram at the restaurant :)

I'll be definitely going back to try the other items on their almost neverending menu. Here's their Facebook for those of you who are curious to head over.

The address is as below:

B-41, One Ampang Business Avenue, Jalan Ampang Utama 2/2, Kuala Ampang, Malaysia.
016-671 4625


  1. Omg all those food look amazing!! I really love Korean food too :DD Especially kimchi jjigae! haha

    xx Mandy

    1. Thanks! You should go and try it out for yourself, the food is so good :)

  2. Craving for Korean food after reading this post! So yummy!!

  3. I was there yesterday evening 10/6/2016. Never read any review before going. I was with my Korean friend, was here for business. He wanted Korean. Strange enough. He suggested to head behind Low Yat as he was residing at Melia. I told him either the one Korean restaurant that was near Soo Kee, Imbi or Ampang Korean village. We walk to Imbi. Found out no longer there. Took a drive to Ampang. Ended up choosing Jal Dae Ji. Follow my instinct. Since my Korean guest spoke Korean it was easy for him to order what he liked. True enough he was impressed with the quality since his mom is a traditional Korean chef and coming from him. He too is also a good cook. Worth every moment there. Will be back to this place.