Monday 3 March 2014

Food: Frenz Cafe @ Plaza Damas, Sri Hartamas

I'll be honest with you, I'm not a person who would usually walk into a cafe for a meal. Firstly, because it's probably too pricey or the food isn't yummy at all.

However, I recently went on a food review session at Frenz Cafe in Plaza Damas. The ambience was definitely cosy and almost instantaneously, I get a wave of homey feeling overcoming all my senses as I enter the cafe. 

Well, food wise, I think this was pretty good. Let's have the pictures do the talking :)

Curry Fish Head
I personally thought this was extremely fragrant and the curry goes well with rice. However, the fish was a little too small and serving size should definitely be larger. Oh, for those who are concerned of their health, fret not because this dish isn't loaded with 'santan' (coconut milk). Instead, fresh milk was used as a substitute for a healthier alternative.

Salted Egg Chicken
This is definitely one of the tastiest salted egg dish I've ever tasted. The meat was tender and juicy, marinated to perfection. The salted egg was a great compliment to the chicken meat. Great idea!

Steamed Brinjal
This dish was pretty simple but definitely is a good addition to your dinner table. The brinjal was steamed at the right temperature and wasn't too soft or too hard at all. There were some dried shrimps condiments which complimented the brinjal and brought out its taste.

Nyonya Chicken
Hands-down the best dish of the night! The gravy itself was so rich and fragrant that I could practically just eat it with plain rice. There were lemongrass and various spices in this that is sure to tingle your tastebuds. 

Kailan with Beef
The 'kailan' used was fresh and the beef had a slightly chewy texture which I thought was pretty nice. 

Ginger Fried Rice
Definitely one of the most unique fried rice I've ever tasted. I don't usually fancy ginger much because of their strong essence, but this is relatively mild. The amazing part of this dish is you don't really taste much of ginger with the first bite but the aftertaste is somehow overwhelming, in a good way.

All in all, it was a great dinner at a perfect place. Ta-da, a picture!

Here are the details for you guys who are interested to check this place out :)

G-0-1 Plaza Damas
Jalan Sri Hartamas 1
Sri Hartamas
50480 Kuala Lumpur.

Telephone: 012-719 6813/012-528 6832 

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