Friday 5 December 2008


I stared intently out at the rain, wondering if people or shall I say, vampires like Edward and Bella existed. The day before yesterday, I was addicted to Eclipse and believe it or not, I stayed up till 3 in the morning to read it. And.I woke up at 8. That night was probably the worst night because I did not get enough sleep, considering I had slept at such a late hour. But, with constant dreams on Edward and Bella and waking up at least three to four times, thinking about them, it wasn’t considerably the worst night.

I started on Breaking Dawn yesterday. I slept at 12 and prayed for a dreamless night. Thankfully, I woke up at 10. I was going to fall sick if I kept staying up all night like this. Still, I hoped that the books will never end.

I still remembered the times when I was smitten with Princess Hours. That was months ago. Now, I need the whole Twilight series as if my life depended on them. It sounds partially silly but believe me, it’s true.

I want to be Bella even if it was for just one second. It was too greedy even for a thought, actually since Bella belongs to Edward. And, it was a fact we all have to accept.

My obsessions.

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