Wednesday 24 December 2008

Happy Birthday.

It's my BIRTHDAY today.

Current state : 8 wishes
                           1 present

Okays, wait. I was depressed yesterday and I wrote down what I was supposed to blog today.

Scroll down to read.

It's my birthday and I'm depressed.

Only two people had wished me so far.

My blog is dead due to lack of tags not post.

Nothing great is happening.

I have no cakes. Yeah, no cakes.

No calls at 12 midnight to wish me Happy Birthday.

Desperate for birthday wishes.

Maybe it's true what they had said.

It's time you grow up, Kah Wai.


That was what I had planned to post. But , I changed my mind.

I have a cake because my parents suddenly decided that I should have a cake. Yays..
Will post the pic of the cake later after I had cut it.

Oh yeah,  


From left: D, KM (the girl who calls me a Twitard), S and ME.

We should really take more pictures together. These are old.
Oh god.

Had pastries this morning. My choice. My favourite.

Croissants and cheese sticks. Yummy.

Tarts. I love you.

Cheese sticks. Looks delicious, right?

By the way, thank you to everyone whom had wished me happy birthday. Thanks.
I love you all.

Yours sincerely,
The Birthday Girl.

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