Monday 22 December 2008

Singapore and The Statue of Banana

I’m back once again from Singapore, not ICC this time. Hmmm. Let me see. Singapore. What is there to say about Singapore? Give me a minute. Alright, considering I am still in the recovering from ICC, I appear to be in a daze all the time on the first day due to of course, sleep deprivation. Fret not, as blur as I am, I still managed to take some pictures. =)

Well, I think most of you already know that this was my first time in Singapore. The rally great thing about this trip would be that I could finally say that I had been to Singapore. How pathetic, no?

On the first day we went to TANGS and Takashimaya and believe me everyone or maybe the entire Singapore were flooding the malls as if everything in there did not have a price tag. Almost everyone were randomly picking something off the rack and purchasing it. Don’t they even need to check if the item they had picked was broken? In Malaysia, we would definitely inspect it first to make sure every single part of the item was in good condition. The best part was the items which these people had picked cost about $1000.

Yeah, that's me. Looking random. I love the tree.

Cute and pretty gold balls. =)

Glittery box. I'm in the Christmas mood now.

Dinner. Restaurant menu. 

The popular chilli crab which I did not eat. Had a cough thanks to icc. *sigh*

Alright, second day. That was rather quick. Okays. Headed over to China Club for breakfast. I was actually taken aback by the whole place since the restaurant was on the 52nd floor of one of the tallest buildings in Singapore. However, I think that the view of Singapore from the restaurant was much better than the food.

The start of the second day.

It's so high up. Oh god. *faints*

I love this. It tastes really good. YUMMY.


National Science Centre. My first thought.

“Oh my, it’s going to be so boring. Oh god.”

That was 10 minutes before arrival.

Upon arrival.

“OMG, it’s actually not that bad. It’s really huge and nice. Interesting. Well, interesting is not really the right word to use since nowadays, nothing much interests me except Twilight, of course. Went into an IMAX theatre for the FIRST time. Don’t laugh, I know I sound pathetic.

Camwhoring in Science Centre. =)

Electricity performance.

I signed. 
It was actually a machine that lets you write a message and post it on a screen. 
Great, right?

Next. Night Safari. Oh, wait. I forgot dinner. Had chicken rice with other dishes. Okays, now Night Safari. It was nice but since nothing much interests me nowadays, I didn’t quite like the place as much as the Science Centre. I was actually too tired to enjoy the animals. Sounds wrong, right? Oh, who cares?

Night Safari. Hmmph.

The final day.

As usual, the start of the third day.

The room of my dad's friend house which I had been staying in for the last few days.

Went to this villa where there was an exhibition on the “Ten Courts of Hell”. It was on what will happen to you after death, the crimes you had done and how you were going to be punish for the crimes done. Even for mere little things, we will get punish. And the punishments are like throwing you into a hill of knives and pulling your tongue out. Oh, before that, we actually went on a duck tour around town. It can go on land and in water. Fascinating much?

The entrance of the villa.

The duck tour.

By 4pm, we were headed back to Malaysia. Stopped by Melaka for dinner. As we were leaving for the highway, I saw four funerals. Omg, four. I wondered why were there so many funerals at one area. Even KL doesn’t have so many funerals on the same day and in the same area. Oh dear.

Next. I saw an accident right in front of my eyes. And it was in Malacca. I was actually shocked at one moment and too stiff. What I heard were brakes screeching and the next minute, a crash. I prayed hard that the people involved in the accident was not injured. At that moment, all I could think of was, I just witnessed an accident and I should be doing something to help those people. The whole incident keeps replaying in my mind now. The sound of the car brakes screeching. The sound of the crash. I vow to help those injured the next time I witness an accident.

Before I end this post, I would like to thank Uncle Khoo and Aunty Adeline for giving me my first birthday present and for the tasty pie. I will post the picture of the huge Pooh bear later after I had took it.

The tasty pie. You have to really eat it if you ever go to Singapore.
Picture grabbed from dear sister.


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