Tuesday 30 December 2008

7 A.

OH MY GOD. The first thing I could think of.

I got 7 A's.

MY darling iPod can now finally come home to me. I was actually sick this morning because i vomited last night. And, suddenly, I felt like I was the healthiest person when I found out I got 7 A's.

And my dad thinks that I fell sick because of the stress. Maybe. I am prone to this kind of thing. Stress before the big day.


My sister took pictures of me before and after I got the results. I'll just like post one here.

Yeah, that's me looking tense. And Miss Lee searching for my result slip.
This is definitely before I knew my result.

Of course, this is when I found out my results. 7 A's.
Me squealing with delight.

My result slip. Omg, excited again.

Hugged mom and brother.
Then, hugs from D and KM. While I was like screaming " My iPod ".
KM was actually running towards me when i entered the skylite this morning.
With a very excited face, of course.
I was finally getting an iPod and that fact seems too unreal.
I never expected to get an iPod this quick. At least, not so quick.

One more thing, I hate being sick.

Alright, I'm signing off.

The End.

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