Wednesday 22 November 2017

Daily: Personal Experience Working with SushiVid, an Engaging Platform for Influencers

I have previously worked with many independent brands and PR companies directly for various contents. Some of the experiences may be bitter sweet, while some may be pleasant. It really depends on how professional they are, of course. Recently, I've discovered SushiVid which is an ideal platform for influencers, like myself to browse and search for jobs.

What I find different about SushiVid is that, this is a trustable platform where I know I definitely would not get shortchanged for my work. Payment is always settled, almost as soon as the job is completed. I find that the hardest problem while working directly with brands, is that payment is often untimely and there is often a delay, which absolutely frustrates me as I find that I have to constantly remember and monitor the jobs which have been paid and those which haven't. With SushiVid, my completed jobs are located in 'My Wallet' section and I can easily see which ones have I gotten payment for and those that are pending. It lessens the hassle for me to keep track, especially with my busy lifestyle.

Besides that, there are always NEW Campaigns to participate with from time to time. I always look forward to the campaigns which interests me, such as those related to beauty and fashion. I like how I have the flexibility and creativity to express myself on how I will be helping to promote the brands under SushiVid. It isn't rigid and I can write in my own style as well, while working with those brands.

There is also a place to help you keep track of your current campaigns, together with the deadline and status of the campaign for easier reference. 

The platform is also very user-friendly, compared to when you have to work with brands directly. Previously, when I had to deal directly with the marketing team of certain brands, I find that it can be rather difficult, especially when they aren't efficient in replying mails and sending necessary information required for the postings. It really can be quite annoying, but ever since I've worked with SushiVid, those have been a thing of the past, thank goodness! I'd highly recommend SushiVid to new influencers too :)

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