Thursday 31 August 2017

Fitness: F1 Recreation Flexes Its Muscle in Malaysia For TRUE Brand Fitness Equipment

Premium fitness equipment provider F1 Recreation Sdn Bhd has recently been appointed by award winning fitness equipment and industry pioneer TRUE to flex the brand's muscles in Malaysia. I was at the launch last week to witness this spectacular event. The target for these equipments will be condominiums, commercial gyms, hotels, country clubs, universities, corporates and professional athletes. 
There will be a debut of TRUE cardio machines with efficient and sleek designs along with four different types of console that allows the equipment to be upgraded. 

Among some of them are the Traverse lateral trainer that utilises a side to side motion to sculpt the core and lower body. I tried it out and enjoyed myself on the equipment as it is user friendly. 

Complementing some of the machines will be TRUE's touch screen Transcend console with a variety of features such as Bluetooth, Internet browsing and Virtual Active which brings the user to picturesque settings as they perform their workout through wild California trails, down the streets of Chicago or through breath taking Northern Italy.

According to Mr Adam Soong, the Business Development Manager of F1 Recreation, "F1 Recreation works hard to deliver exceptional value to inspire and empower quality living and this includes providing fitness solutions to our clients and gym managements. The partnership with TRUE allows us to extend our portfolio of products and introduce another quality brand and reaffirm our dedication to service excellence".

Also present at the official appointment ceremony were Malaysian bodybuilding champions, Lillian Tan, Syed Fazli Syed Ali, Terence Teo, Rykiel Cherie, Jacqie Tan and peak performance guru Wong Yu Jin.


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