Saturday 19 August 2017

Daily: Aim for Better Health with Diamond Coral Alkaline Water

Our body is our vessel. We need to ensure that our health is optimum for our body to function at its peak. But with our hectic day to day lifestyle, we tend to neglect our health. Well, there is now a simple way to maintain our health; with Diamond Coral Alkaline Water. Diamond is a trusted brand and has served more than 1 million customers over the years. Since I was young, my mum has always emphasize to us the importance of drinking water. Adults require about 8-10 cups of water per day while children is approximately 3-5 cups daily. But, even if we drink enough water, have you ever stop to think if the water we're consuming is clean and good for the body?

Drinking alkaline water is ideal for the body as health scientists have discovered that many illnesses arise due to the acidic nature of the body. So, consuming Diamond Coral Alkaline Water will neutralise the acidity and improve health in the long run.

I've recently tried out the Diamond Coral Alkaline Water filter at home as I have heard many good recommendations about it. Personally, after trying it for some time now, I've noticed several health benefits. Firstly, I noticed that my headaches are less frequent these days and I feel much lighter as a whole. I used to get a lot of headaches in the past, and this was due to my acidic physique it seems. I find that this water is beneficial for me as I've noticed that I have stopped getting mouth ulcers after starting to consume the Diamond Coral Alkaline Water. This may sound funny, but I really like the taste of alkaline water, as I find that it doesn't have the overwhelming mineral taste.

The Diamond Coral Alkaline Water comes with 6 filters!

As a beauty junkie, I was ecstatic when I heard that you could utilise this alkaline water as a mask or just as a facial spray to brighten up your complexion. Well, I don't have much wrinkles or laugh lines, but I do have some areas of uneven skin tone. 

So, I have been religiously using the Diamond Coral Alkaline Water as a facial spray and I've noticed that my skin tone is more even now, just after 1 week. It is a good idea to use this facial spray on a hot day when you want to freshen yourself up after a long day.

With all these benefits of Diamond Coral Alkaline Water, I'd recommend that every household purchase this particular water filter to keep your health in tip top condition. Besides that, I am also using the Diamond Coral WaterBar Dispenser and I find it so convenient. Just a simple touch of a button, and hot or warm water can now be automatically dispense in just 15 seconds. I find it especially useful when I'm making tea in the morning to go with my breakfast. Previously, I had to separately boil some hot water to make tea, but now even when I am in a rush, I can still make sure to have my drink!

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