Tuesday 2 May 2017

Food: The Journey of Flavours @ Marco Creative Cuisine, 1 Utama

I enjoy fine dining meals but they have always been so expensive and it was always a form of luxury to me. Now, Marco Creative Cuisine @ I Utama offers this experience, only at RM 78. All the items on the menu are carefully planned and crafted specifically for an unforgettable dining experience.

The menu itself is rather extensive and there are many choices available for each of the categories such as entree, soup, mains and so forth. I will be showcasing some of the items I've chosen from the menu.


Velvety Matcha-Lime Shooter

This was something unique which I've never tried before, it consists of a layer of matcha-lime foam at the top with chilled Lime snow inside. 

It was a very refreshing start to the dining experience.


Savoury Eclair

Gruyere Flavoured Pate a Choux decorated with Aubergine Caviar, Green Chile Pesto and Tomato Confit

A very unique appetiser with a soft texture on the top and a crunchy bite at the bottom. 


Strawberry Gazpacho

Something sourish and sweet! This was  chilled cold soup of strawberries, garnished with dehydrated strawberries and microgreens. 

Being a huge fan of strawberries, I decided to order this as I have never tried cold soup before. It was definitely an acquired taste and I think I still prefer my hot soup. Fret not, there are other choices of soups on the menu if you are not a fan of cold soup.


Savoury Ice Cream Salad

Assorted Baby leaves, heirloom tomato, seasonal microgreens and violet flowers served with savoury ice cream

Very interesting flavours for this ice cream salad I had. In fact, the real truth is that, it isn't vanilla ice cream but rather just milk and salt!

I never could have imagined salad to be served this way, this one was something really out of the ordinary worth trying.


Duck Breast with Orange Puree and Roasted Beetroot

Sous vide pan seared Peking duck breast served with Orange Puree, roasted beetroot and Varlhona Dark Chocolate. 

This was absolutely heavenly, it was juicy and had just the right texture, not too chewy and not too soft either. The serving was a generous portion as well.


Creme Brulee with White Chocolate Sherbet

Lush egg custard accompanied by White Chocolate Sherbet and Meringue Kisses. 

I think honestly, this is one of the best creme brulee I've ever had, soft and eggy plus the caramel on the top isn't too sweet either.


Sparkling Iced Berry

MARCO Creative Cuisine
LotG146, Ground Floor (Old Wing)
1Utama Shopping Centre, 
1, Lebuh Bandar Utama, 
Petaling Jaya, 47800 Selangor. 

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday (12pm-10pm)

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