Tuesday 25 April 2017

Food: Caffe Bene Mango Nutella Series

Caffe Bene Malaysia is back with our latest seasonal menu now made available nationwide!

Bringing both Mango lovers and Nutella lovers together, the Mangotella series is sure to capture dessert lovers heart. With 4 NEW seasonal items plus introducing 2 NEW Gelato flavors, Caffe Bene fans have much to rejoice.

The combination of Mango and Nutella is definitely something unique, and out of the ordinary. I love mangoes and the idea of some chocolate-y goodness with my favourite fruit is really interesting.

Mango Yogurt Bingsu (RM 29.90)

Mango lovers will be delighted to dig into sweet icy Mango Bingsu topped with juicy mango cubes and our Yogurt Gelato. This sweet dessert is perfect for the Mango Lover on a hot sunny day.

This was my favourite bingsu!

Mangotella Bingsu (RM 29.90)

Bringing the dream combination for both Mango and Nutella lovers with Mangotella Bingsu. Icy cold Bingsu with Nutella, Mixed Nuts and Cookies Crumble base before finishing it with sweet mango cubes and topped with our seasonal Nutella gelato.

Mangotella Waffle (RM 17.90)
Warm Belgium waffle topped with sweet mango chunks, almond slices and Yogurt gelato. This sweet treat made better when drizzled with decadent Nutella sauce.

Mangotella Smoothie (RM 11.90)
A smooth creamy drink with the unique combination of sweet Mango and indulgent Nutella.

Here's a great tip on how to enjoy your bingsu the right way. You will need to press the topping at the top and start mixing well from the center. Enjoy!

This menu will only be available up till June, so hurry up and try it!

Credits to Carmen Hong for the amazing shots :)

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