Friday 9 December 2016

Daily: Malaysian Agriculture, Horticulture & Agrotourism (MAHA) 2016 @ MAEPS, Serdang

The weekends are here, have you guys had anything planned out yet? I have a great suggestion of where to go for the long weekend ahead. Bring your family to the Malaysian Agriculture, Horticulture & Agrotourism (MAHA) 2016 at MAEPS, Serdang for a fun-filled, entertaining day out. I have been to this event many years back when it first started in Malaysia. It has expanded and changed vastly since the first time I've been there. There are many more things to see and do now, this is also a great opportunity for kids to learn more about Malaysian agriculture. 

Read on to find out more of what I did on a Friday from morning till evening. Frankly, you will not be able to cover and complete the whole event in a single day. So, my suggestion is decide which part you would like to explore and spend a minimum of two days at the event area.

We had our breakfast at this serene and beautiful homestay area. For those who would like to organise a short getaway, I suggest that you book a room at the newly opened Nafas Cube. The price range is from RM 120-250 per night, depending on the type of room you choose. It feels like going back to nature and you can enjoy it all from your chic boxy container rooms.

Here's a sneak peek of what the rooms look like! Cosy and comfortable, perfect for a couple who is on honeymoon too. 

This place is so Instagram worthy, I decided to snap a few shots at the beautiful area.


We were enlightened with a man made ecosystem where you can even keep your pets in. The whole aquarium with a balanced ecosystem was assembled in only 30 minutes. You can even control the environment through your phone, you can arrange for rain or even thunderstorm.

What an advancement in technology!

 Beware and enter the shark's mouth with caution!

It was a mini Aquaria inside the shark's mouth! Kids will love it.

We had a stop at this fancy and trendy upside down. We managed to get a few shots of this attraction before heading to the next spot. 

I'm always amazed how they managed to achieve this concept of an upside down house with all the items stuck on the ceiling, literally.


This is a good place where they showcased how rice is made and the different types available as well. 

Check this place out as they displayed how rice could be used as part of skincare regimes too.


Check out the giant yellow pineapple! Somehow, this reminds me of Spongebob for no known reason. :P 

 There were a lot of information on how pineapples is processed and what Malaysian delicacies can be made out of the fruit. Honestly, I never knew pineapples were such versatile fruits.


 Guess who we bumped in while walking around? The famous cartoon character which children absolutely love, Upin & Ipin!

I love the colour of this tractor which is used in the agriculture industry.

More gadgets and tractors I spotted around

We had a short break where we indulged in some premium jackfruit ice cream and corn juice. Surprisingly, for a person who doesn't fancy jackfruits, I absolutely loved the smooth and fragrant ice cream.


MOOO MOOO! This hybrid Belgian Blue cow is high in protein, low in fat and the meat is more tender. 

We even had some ice cream after checking out the livestocks.

These baby goats were the most adorable thing I saw today. They were running around in their enclosure as we fed them with some leafy greens.


Found some really peculiar fruits while walking around

We went into the greenhouse where we saw some fresh produce which were really unique and out of ordinary.

These fruits looks unedible but were very pretty to look at. I definitely didn't miss out my chance to snap a few shots of it.

The Light Sensation which was held here a few months back, you guys can still enjoy it over the weekend while enjoying the concert.


The replica of Upin & Ipin house in the cartoon was so similar. Thumbs up for the great design!

Some 3D backdrops which were available for photography purposes by Upin & Ipin fans.

More attractions inside the showcase

There was also a Upin & Ipin performance held when we were there. Kids flooded the hall to watch the cartoon characters acting in real life.


Delicious beefy Mee Kolo

We ended the day with a hearty dinner of local delicacies at the Food Empire.

The fair is held from 1-11 December and I'm glad we headed there before it ended. This is a good opportunity and a great place to bring the family for a day out over the weekends. There were still many areas which we didn't had a chance to explore too. Perhaps the next MAHA, we shall make it a point to go on two days, at least. My advice is, put on a good pair of shoes and comfortable clothing if you intend to explore all the available spots. Keep an umbrella with you as well, just in case it rains. Check this one out this weekend or else, you'd definitely be missing out on tonnes of fun.

With 3.7 million people visiting this event, you can have a look at the interesting timelapse videos below:

See you at the next MAHA!

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