Sunday 11 December 2016

Daily: Ice Watch, The Trendy Accessory of the New Age

Watches are an essential to complete a look. I found something which may be of interest to you divas out there, who is on the look for the latest perfect accessory to match your OOTD! These well designed watches are in style and they look absolutely fitting with the current trends. Modern and minimal, the Ice Watch is a must have accessory for every fashionista. Now that Ice Watch Malaysia is available online, you can easily purchase the brand without worrying about international postage fees and long waiting times before receiving the products. If you must know which Ice Watch type fits you, continue reading for more info!

1. Your key style: Fresh & Eclectic
You like to keep things fresh everyday and you are very optimistic about a new day in your life. Nothing stops your energetic positivity. You may have a variety of fashion styles so you’ll need an Ice Watch that is always up to date with the changing trends and matches well with anything in your closet. A sleek Ice Watch design with minimal neutral colours or a pop of colour will make your outfit complete.

This design is great to pair on a casual day out with t-shirt and jeans. Simplicity at its best!

2. Your key style: Sporty & Daring
You are always on the go and you love exploring new things like new places, different food and even new workout regimes. You’ll need something stylish and you often wear clothes that says you’re going for an adventure soon. When you want to keep it stylish, you choose to dress up in the leisure style. For this, you’ll need an Ice Watch that is rugged but also easy to style with.

A matching Ice Watch for the avid sportsman and sportswomen

3. Your key style: Professional & Refined
You work in a formal setting and need to have a little bit of edge. You enjoy your work and will need something that is simple to wear with formal clothing. Although you are in the office, you like to keep your style interesting because an office can be boring sometimes. If this is the case, you’ll need an Ice Watch that is timeless but at the same time exciting.

 Personally, I would go for this design as it is practical and I can wear it daily to work without looking too flashy :)

So which Ice Watch style are you? 

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