Wednesday 28 December 2016

Daily: Build & Customise Your Own Jigsaw Puzzles @ JS Puzzles

Hi guys! 

I enjoy taking beautiful pictures and sceneries in my spare time. Sometimes, I find that it is a bit wasted that these pictures are kept within the frames of a camera or just loaded into a computer for safekeeping. I've always wanted to share these pretty pictures with the rest of the world. Guess what? JS Puzzles came out with a brilliant idea where you can cherish these memories and convert your precious photos into puzzles, which you can play online as well as share with others!

 Check out the extensive puzzles available where you can spend all day fixing it up!

More selections of puzzles in their respective categories from miscellaneous, scenery, nature, animals, art, places, transportation and even buildings!

This is the screen once you click into a puzzle. I find this rather addictive as you can compete with the rest of the world to have the shortest time taken to complete the puzzle.

My best time was 4.09 for this puzzle:) Definitely not a bad feat!

If you would like to convert your favourite photos into a puzzle, you can check out their website and contact their helpful team directly :)

Head over to the website now by clicking on this LINK! 

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