Friday 20 November 2015

Food: Gossip Time @ Taman Paramount, Petaling Jaya

A big fan of Chinese food but don't want to sweat it out at your regular hawker place? Or prefer an air conditioned environment where you can chat the night away and enjoy your favourite bowl of noodles? Well, then I've found the perfect place for you. Gossip Time @ Taman Paramount is one such restaurant and best is, their food is extremely affordable and incredibly good. Honestly, it was so good that I'm craving for it again right now as I'm typing this post.

The cosy and simple design of Gossip Time.

They have a really cool burger served here, and it's Xtra Large sized! For burger lovers, it's worth a try to stuff that tummy of yours with this amazing one.


 Special Curry Chicken Rice (RM 8.90)
You may mistaken this as your regular chicken curry, but trust me, its more fragrant than any other ones I've had before. The lemongrass added truly brought out the flavour and they actually use fresh milk here instead of fattening coconut milk. It was not extremely spicy which was perfect because I could really enjoy this with my plate of white rice.

Gossip Prawn Wantan Mee Soup (RM 8.90)
I absolutely love this, it was everything a wantan noodles should be. Chewy wantan noodles with the most flavorful pork broth, what a wonderful combination! The noodles are handmade by the owner's 'sifu' (master) who have been making wantan noodles for about 40 years now. The large and generous portion makes this worth every single cent spent.

 Look at the juicy and huge wantan!

And the noodles which were made to perfection!

Gossip Prawn Wantan Mee Dried (RM 8.90)
For those who prefer drier versions of this, I'd recommend this choice as well.

If you decide to order the dry version, it will be served with some soup too and make sure you finish all of it!

Curry Chicken Soup Wantan Mee Soup (RM 8.90)
This is one of the specialty here and its a little different than the curry chicken rice mentioned previously. Its creamy as well and wasn't too spicy.

Spicy Noodle King (RM 9.90)
For those of you who wish to challenge yourself to some extreme spiciness, try this. It's pretty similar to your regular chilli pan mee but this is served with wantan noodles instead.

Special Satay Sauce Chicken Chop Rice (RM 14.50)
The chicken was fried before some satay sauce was poured over. It was something unique off the menu and I thought I'd share it. It's a little similar to satay celup in Melaka and good thing is, you can now get something similar here in PJ.

Mushroom Chicken Rice (RM 8.90)
This was different from the Chinese version of mushroom chicken, it tastes more like a Nyonya dish honestly. There was dried shiitake mushrooms in this with some pre-fried potato cubes. These ingredients were braised for a few hours before served.


Gossip Pork Burger King (RM 24.90)
I like how they have burgers here as well although a majority of the dishes are Chinese food. This burger is no joke, its as huge as your palm and as tall as half of my torso. They are running a challenge, 'GOSSIP BURGER KING' where the fastest time currently is 5 minutes 21 seconds. So, if you think you can be faster than that, head over and who knows you could win free meals for a day. This burger consists of two sesame seed buns, eggs, pork chop and salad. 

Marinated Chicken Wing (RM 8.90 for 4)


Pork Broth Soup and Special Spicy Soup (RM 24.90/person)
Their broth are so flavorful that even without adding any items in, there is its signature sweetness already. 

Noodles, eggs, fish balls and some tofu. You can choose to have yee mee or mihun instead of yellow noodles.

The absolutely generous amount of seafood!

The other items which were provided for the steamboat. Here, you can add vegetables for no additional charges.

Our bubbling pot for the night!


Honestly, pretty much everything served here in the restaurant was absolutely good! I would definitely return for more goodies.

Gossip Time 
No. 5, Jalan 20/14 
Paramount Garden
Petaling Jaya

Phone: 03-7872 9030
FB: Click here!

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