Friday 13 November 2015

Daily: Printcious, Precious Gifts From Your Heart

I'm a person who enjoys giving. But, when it comes to deciding on birthday gifts, I run out of ideas. It wasn't till recently that I've heard about Printcious where you can basically purchase really cool designs of various items such as t-shirt, mug, cushion and ceramic tiles if you're absolutely clueless on what to get for your friends. But, the best part is you can even customize your favourite items and personalise them for that special someone. 

For the uninitiated, personalising gifts is the in trend these days as you get to create and give a little something or rather, share your heart with someone you love. It was a couple thing in the past as a sign of affection or attachment, but good friends nowadays do give these personalised gifts to one another too. These type of gifts tend to stand out more and are usually more cherished or appreciated because you know that the person giving it has really put some thoughts into what to create for you, instead of just heading to the gift shop and grabbing random items. Well, I personally think that itself, makes the gift all the more special!

Previously, I remembered once when I decided to create a personalised T-shirt for my best friend and I had to save the picture in a pendrive, drive all the way to the print shop, choose the T-shirt material, and submit the picture to the print shop. Then, I will have to give it a few days before I head back to collect my personalised gift.

But now, with Printcious, you can do everything in the comfort of your home. Just a few clicks and you're all set! They even get the items delivered to your doorstep, so imagine all the hassle and time you saved. I find that the website is easy to navigate around and there are a lot of creatively designed items for you to choose from as well. Oh, and you can even choose from a choice of 9 colours for a certain design. The available gifts are not pricey as well and you can get a simple gift even from as low as RM 20.

They even have a category specific for the men and the ladies for you to choose from. Now, you definitely will never run out of ideas on what to get for someone on their special day.

Here are some of my favourite items out of all the available categories:


I absolutely love the t-shirt designs which they have on their website.




So, I've checked them out and they have the following perks which I don't think anyone should miss out on!

  • Free delivery to West Malaysia for orders above RM 75
  • 7 days free return
  • 20 % Off All Orders (Year End Promotion till 30 Nov) Code: NOV2015
‘ – Precious Gifts From Your Heart’

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