Wednesday 5 August 2015

Food: Way Modern Chinois @ Clearwater, Damansara Heights

These days, it's not just good food people are searching for but most of us are always on the lookout for something unique. This is the reason why I must introduce Way Modern Chinois which is located at Clearwater, Damansara Heights to you guys. They serve modern Chinese cuisine but here, they incorporate really unique methods of cooking for their dishes.

The entrance to this restaurant is quite unassuming, even my mum and I couldn't locate it at first. To keep the element of surprise, I would not share a picture of the entrance, you would have to find the 'secret door' yourself!

The restaurant itself is dimly lit and has a classy vibe to it. They have simple decorations with quality wooden furnitures and there wasn't any elaborate, complicated designs because they highly emphasize on their food here at Way Modern Chinois.

We had a private room for ourselves since we were there for a review. The room is spacious and can accommodate up to 8 or 9 persons.

The prim and proper way of dining with a great plate setting.

They have a bar serving cocktails, mocktails and liquor to those who would like to chill after a stressful day.

Way Modern Chinois has recently added a Michelin star chef from the USA to their team. They are currently experimenting on molecular cooking techniques to provide an unforgettable dining experience for their customers. This technique explores out of the ordinary traditional methods of cooking. So, feast your eyes on some yummy dim sum I had at Way Modern Chinois.

Skinless Shanghai Soup Dumpling (RM 6/pc)
This skinless Xiao Long Bao (XLB) is different from the usual ones you find at the ordinary Chinese restaurant. Using molecular science, the chefs here have created a 'transparent' dim sum where you can see the stuffings clearly. How they did it, you may ask? It's a tedious process which involves freezing the stuffing with the soup before allowing it to set in a special seaweed powder mixture. The bubbly foam you can see at the end of the spoon is the vinegar which must be eaten together with the XLB at one go. 

Truffle Crab Soup Dumpling (RM 14 for 4 pcs)
Unique dim sum using  squid ink to give the skin its signature black colour. It is filled with stuffing of crab meat and chopped truffles.

Crab Roe Dumpling (RM 19 for 3 pcs)
The dumpling skin is made using pumpkin, giving it a slightly yellow-orange colour. The chefs decided to decorate it with a 'net' made from squid ink and funnily, it had that slightly charred taste to it which enhanced the flavour of the stuffings.

Crab Claw Dumpling (RM 15 for 3 pcs)
This dumpling is loaded with generous amount of prawns, Japanese crab claw and some coriander to make it more fragrant. The skin was just nice and not too thick, so you can enjoy the delicious stuffing.

Sticky Rice Lamb Siew Mai (RM 19 for 3 pcs)
This unique one will definitely be a favourite among lamb lovers. This dumpling has that strong lamb smell which might not be favourable to those who really can't stand that signature smell.  Coated with sticky glutinous rice, this dumpling is pretty similar to a meatball as it is made from minced lamb meat & Chinese celery.

Prawn Dumpling with X.O (RM 16 for 3 pcs)

Fish & Chip (RM 16 for 3 pcs)
Savoury and crispy! Fried potatoes and sea perch with some black vinegar powder for garnishing. This is my favourite because I love anything with potatoes in it, so soft on the inside and fried to crisp on the outside.

Seafood Curry Nest (RM 13 for 3 pcs)
Crispy nest roll with prawns and scallops.

Crispy Bean Curd Skin Roll (RM 17 for 3 pcs)
Bean curd skin wrap with prawns and cheddar cheese stuffings, so delicious and the cheese was squirting out as I bit into this. It was well-made as this was extremely crispy on the outside and I liked that it wasn't too oily as well.

Crispy Dumpling with Wasabi Mayo (RM 15 for 4 pcs)
This dumpling shaped like a Chinese money pouch is stuffed with chicken and chives. The wasabi mayo which is served along with it doesn't overpower the taste of the stuffings and compliments it well.

Wok Fried Cheong Fun with Original Spice Paste (RM 10)
A unique twist to your ordinary chee cheong fun! The chee cheong fun is first pan fried till fragrant and then some dried shrimp paste with chilies is added together. Surprisingly, the combination really compliments one another and can transform the usual, boring chee cheong fun to something so tasty. 

Lotus Leaf Steamed Sticky Rice with Duck (RM 10 for 2 pcs)

Coriander Char Siew Bao (RM 9 for 2 pcs)
The greenish spots are actually chopped coriander added in to make the fluffy 'pau' bun more fragrant with chicken and coriander stuffing. A unique way to have your daily dose of coriander!

Way Modern Chinois is currently having a Dim Sum Promotion and I know you guys are drooling just by looking at the pictures while reading each description. Check out the poster below:

This is definitely a dim sum place worth checking out if you're looking for more variety to your dumplings. Here are the details if you are heading over :)

Way Modern Chinois
No. G-1, WORK@Clearwater,

Jalan Changkat Semantan,

Damansara Heights,
50490 Kuala Lumpur

Phone: 03-2095 1118
Website : Click here!

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