Tuesday 11 August 2015

Food: Raku Pizza @ SS15, Subang Jaya

Raku Pizza is a new kid off the block, serving up Japanese styled pizzas where you can even opt to build your own with your favourite ingredients. This is definitely something different & unique, in fact, I think Raku Pizza is the only one offering this to customers. 

Tucked in the busy township of SS15, Subang Jaya this place is a hit among college students or office workers who prefer to grab a quick bite since Raku Pizza is in line with the fast food concept. The owner of this restaurant, Elaine had came up with this brilliant idea as she absolutely loves Japanese cuisine and wanted to incorporate some excitement into the usual, boring pizzas. 

The simple, classic cafe decorations welcomes you! A great place to have a meal with family or just to chill and hang out with friends. We were there about 7pm and there were a few tables of customers at that time as well.

I maanged to get a shot of them 'decorating' the pizza. It looks fuss free and easy to do with all the ingredients sorted out hygienically. Simply add whatever you like into your pizza and voila!

Before we begin, here's a short introduction on how things work here at Raku Pizza! You may simply choose the combination from the fixed menu or you can opt to choose your crust (charcoal, plain, herbs), sauce (miso, teriyaki, Japanese curry, wasabi mayonnaise) and toppings respectively.

HARU RANGE (Served with Teriyaki Sauce)

Sakurajima Lava (RM 12.90)
A delightful one with teriyaki sauce, cheese, grilled chicken, sweet onions, Japanese mayo and shredded seaweed topped with an 'onsen tamago' (traditional Japanese low temperature egg). Elaine mentioned to burst the egg and spread it all over the pizza as it will enhance the flavour of the other toppings. The charcoal dough was something out of the norm and surprisingly, it suits very well as a pizza base.


Fujiyama Sunrise (RM 12.90)
This pizza is served with cheese, egg, Japanese mayo, Okonomi sauce, rice seaweed and with choices of chicken sausage, chicken ham, karaage chicken or beef pepperoni. In fact, ours had all the four different choices on each of the slices. This was done with a plain crust and needless to say, I prefer this because I'm still your old fashioned type of pizza lover. 

FUYU RANGE (Served with Wasabi mayonnaise)

Americano Sumo (RM 12.90)
The catchy name for this pizza will definitely pique your curiosity. It is served with cheese, beef pepperoni, sweet onion, sweet corns, wasabi mayonnaise and some shredded seaweed. I initially was a little worried with wasabi mayonnaise as the sauce because it did seemed like an awkward combination on a pizza. In fact, I grew up having the pungent wasabi only on my sushi, but now, they have it in pizzas too? However, I was dumbfounded when I took a bite of this and its surprisingly delicious. The signature wasabi taste was pretty mild and did not overpower the other toppings. A must try for wasabi lovers out there!


Carmen's a.k.a My Sister's Pizza (RM 19.80)
So, my sister decided to give it a try and this is what she came out with; herbs curst with Japanese curry sauce and toppings such as soft shell crab, bonito flakes, sweet corn and mentai mayonnaise. Honestly, I'm not a big fan of Japanese curry sauce so this wasn't one of my favourites of the night.

Clarrisha's Signature Pizza (RM 26.30)
Well, before you start complaining on the huge price difference, bear in mind that I made this with so many different toppings and guess what, it was the best pizza we had! The combination of plain crust with miso sauce and toppings of soft shell crab, extra cheese, boiled potato, chicken ham and mentai mayonnaise was extraordinarily tasty. It was savoury and the generous amount of soft shell crab added on this is worth every single cent spent on it. 

Jason's Pizza (RM 20.80)
This is Jason's creation with plain crust, teriyaki sauce, karaage chicken, beef pepperoni, extra cheese, mushroom, seaweed and okonomi sauce. 


Chicken Shiogayaki Don (RM 11.90 for M size, RM 14.90 for L size)
For those who isn't a huge fan of pizzas and would like some rice, I'd recommend this bowl of chicken goodness with some pan fried chicken slices and onions with ginger sauce. It was sweet and savoury and I found that the chicken slices were not oily at all. Perfect for weight watchers like myself.

Miso Soup (RM 2.90)
I know miso soup is really not something to shout about, but the white miso they make here is splendid. I even had three bowls of it, but yet, I went home and was still craving for it. 


As for students like myself who are always sourcing around for good, cheap food, here's some WEEKDAYS PROMOTION for you guys. Those who are tight on budget should definitely give this a try.

They even have a card for you to collect points and redeem some free drink or pizza! 

Raku Pizza 楽ピザ
No 80 Ground Floor
Jalan SS 15/4D
47500 Subang Jaya

Phone Number : 03 - 5631 2188

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