Wednesday 19 August 2015

Daily: Molto Bene Deep Layer 5-Step Moisture Treatment System @ IMP Hair Studio

It's been sometime since I last had a pampering session for my hair. Hair care is important for girls because your crowning glory defines you. I've always wanted to have those Korean curls (yeah, I was probably too influenced by the dramas I've been watching) but a friend recommended that I wait for my hair to grow out before perming it. So, I was itching all over to do something to my boring, lifeless mane. 

That's when I head about Molto Bene Deep Layer 5-Step Moisture Treatment System and the wonders it did. I was eager to try it out and last weekend, I had the opportunity to try it out at IMP Hair Studio, Setapak. 

Look at the crowd! I guess everyone wanted to try this treatment as well :)

For the uninitiated, here's a brief writeup on the treatment:

Deep Layer - 5 Step System Treatment

  • Effectively gives moisture to high damage hair. 
  • To repair inner & outer hair component, with water-repellent coat the surface of hair.
  • 5 step hair system treatment able to achieve superb moisture effect to the hair.

  • Colored or permed, can cause a high damage to hair, in order to restore the damage of hair, Deep Layer gives inner & outer repair to the hair. 
  • Deep Layer - System Treatment contain in salon use & home care, until the surface from inside the hair was carefully repaired , and leads to strong beautiful hair

Two Main Ingredients:
Kerataide® to repair the inner part of damage hole hair by carefully penetrate into it. 
Hyaluronic Acid Fluorine with water-repellent coat & moisturizing the surface of the hair instead of silicon. Flourine is the ingredients that contain in our tooth paste for protection & glossy purpose. MoltoBene use this ingredient instead of Silicon which gives artificial/fake feeling on your hair. Whereas, for flourine, it gives you a natural feeling of your hair that suppose to be with a smooth & soft touch!

Here's the 5 bottles used in the 5-step treatment which takes approximately an hour to complete.

Home care treatment which coats the surface of the hair and prolong the effect of the treatment. You can use this for about 4 wash.

Some of the cakes and bites served to keep us busy while we waited for our turn.

Check out what the 5-steps do to your hair :)
After waiting for some time, it's finally my turn. The hairstylist washes my hair, then applies the 5-step treatment while I sit back and relax. 

Here, the hairstylist is applying the product on my hair. Instead of just adding it on the hair, they actually have to massage the product in. This is done to achieve better results and enable to products to penetrate deep into the hair shaft.

Finally, blow-drying my hair!

Before & After
Goodbye frizzy, unruly hair and welcome straight, silky hair :)

A mandatory selfie with my new, healthier hair.

I guess I will have to take better care of my hair from now on and go for regular treatments monthly. For those who want to try this out, here's the address:

IMP Hair Studio


Contact: 03-40214148

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