Tuesday 13 January 2015

Food: Royal Gourmet Chinese New Year Menu @ Premiere Hotel Bandar Bukit Tinggi, Klang

Chinese New Year is a time for food and restaurants are all busy promoting their Chinese New Year (CNY) menu. There is no exception for Royal Gourmet as well and I was delighted to be invited to review their exclusive menu for this festive season. The price of each set for a table of 10 is RM 1188+, RM 1688+ and RM 2988+ respectively. I have previously blogged about this restaurant but for those who haven't seen that yet, here's how this place looks like.

This spacious restaurant have rooms for those who prefer more privacy during family dinners.

The highlight of the review is the food and we were served the 'Yee Sang' which is a necessity at every Chinese New Year. 

Abundance of Nobility Salmon & Abalone Yee Sang
This must-have dish at CNY dinner tables was made with a different twist according to Executive Sous Chef Johnson. A ready made sauce was used with added calamansi juice or powder. Kafir lime leaves were cut into thin strips and laid on the top of this dish to reduce the sweetness of the sauce. Therefore, this was very different than the usual 'yee sang' as it has a very special and unique taste that is sure to tingle your tastebuds.

There are two types of sauce which you can choose according to your preference; traditional or spicy Szechuan sauce.

Look at the gorgeous toppings of abalone and salmon!

The mess we made with the prosperous 'yee sang'.

Premiere Five Hot & Cold Combination
This appetiser was great with five different choices; stuffed mini crabs, smoked duck slices,  fish paste with salted egg yolk & seaweed roll as well as fresh scallops and stir fried celery with clams. 

No doubt the mini crabs were my favourite out of all 5.They were very delicious and I enjoyed the stuffings of the crabs :)

Braised Superior Shark Fin's Soup with Four Treasures
Baby shark fins were boiled for that soft, chewy texture which was very savoury especially when eaten with a broth. The four treasures which were included are crab meat, sliced scallop, fish lips and sea cucumber.

Steamed Tiger Grouper in Home Cooked Style
Steamed fish in which you can taste the true freshness and sweetness of the fish meat with every single bite. For this, you can pick different styles too. Some chopped spring onions and parsleys were used to garnish this dish. 

Fresh Water King Prawns and Tiger Prawns Combination
Prawns which translates to 'laughter' in Cantonese are also a necessity at most CNY dinners.This gigantic prawns weigh approximately 300-350 g per king prawn and they were very chewy and springy at the same time. A special home-made sweet and sour sauce was used to cook the prawns to preserve its sweetness.

The prawns' head was separately cooked with garlic, shallots and chillies and the best part of this, is the prawns' roe!

Poon Choy a.k.a Premiere Prosperous Abalone Treasure Pot
This pot of goodness is stacked and filled to the brim with all the types of seafood you can imagine. This is good for sharing among 10 people and consists of Japanese dried scallops, braised abalone, Canadian fresh scallops, flower mushrooms, Supreme sea cucumber, Golden dried oysters fish maw, Fortune Black Moss and Tiger prawns. Oh, you can even take home the pot after the meal!

Glutinous Rice in Lotus Leaf with Waxed Duck
The rice which is steamed while being wrapped in lotus leaf is flavorful but the waxed duck was too salty for me. The waxed duck is supposed to be boiled for hours to reduce its saltiness but of course, this requires skill to control the temperature and timing. 

That's all and for those who would like to make a reservation, do call Royal Gourmet Chinese Restaurant, Premiere Hotel Klang at 03 - 3325 6868 or email 

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