Saturday 24 January 2015

Daily: Party of The Century @ Empire City, Damansara

I love events, going to events means dressing up, putting on makeup and trying new stuffs out! I was ecstatic when I got the invite to attend the Party of The Century @ Empire Damansara yesterday.

To be honest, I put a great amount of effort in finding the items, ransacking my wardrobe to find that perfect match to the theme of 'Glamorous 1920s'. The flapper style was reigning during that era and the girls were dressed in elaborate outfits to impress. So, I found this Nichi dress I bought a few years back and it really suit the flapper girl look, perfect for the occasion. 

For the makeup and hair, I watched like gazillion tutorials on the simplest yet stunning look for the night. Believe me, it wasn't easy but it was fun looking at Youtube videos in search of something I can do for the party. Anyway, I had 15 minutes to take a few pictures before I left for the party and here's the outcome of my hair and makeup. I'm quite impressed that I managed to create this look which perfectly grasps the essence of the flapper style! 

I didn't edit any of these pics below by the way, if you wanna know how to achieve this look, just comment below, don't worry I don't bite!

Oh, the drive there was frustrating though on a Friday night. It's never a good idea to be out on a Friday because it's jam everywhere but anyway, we made it.

I loved the backdrop of the front entrance which featured a statue of a man, emphasising the grand Empire City! So pretty that I almost mistaken that I was at a casino instead of a party :)

 Some of the Ferraris and vintage cars lined up at the red carpet, free for all to pose and take pictures of. 

And, while I was at the red carpet taking photos, Malaysian singer, Jaclyn Victor arrived.

My outfit of the night complete with the Alexander McQueen inspired clutch. Oh and the pearls that was so famous back in the 20s. 

So the rest of the night was spent with food, music, beer and party! Korean boy group, 2AM were the first to perform some ballads followed by Mark Vincent who belted out some of the greatest hits of all time. Paris Hilton then heated up the dance floor with her DJ skills and lastly, there was Taboo from Black Eyed Peas who brought the house down, literally :)

So grand inside and this shot was taken from the VIP area upstairs where we were hanging out. I can't wait for this place to be opened to public, it's gonna be my next favourite spot :)

Parties aren't complete without pictures or selfies with the girls :) Be ready for tonnes of it, just because my NX mini is a camera built exclusively for selfies :)

With the pretty Elanne Kong, she was hanging out around our area as well! Love her hair and dress :)

Ah, and we met this hottie there too!

Jue and I at the red carpet! :)

Oh, I totally love Elvina's dress, it looks so dreamy and it seems like a wedding dress to me.

And, that's it for the awesome fun filled night. We reached home around 2 am and I was dead tired from all the partying. Let's anticipate and wait for this place to be opened soon and hopefully, there will be a Part 2 to this party :)

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