Saturday 27 September 2014

Daily: Food Review @ Houz Warming Cafe, Bandar Puteri

I am a die hard fan of home cooked meals and these days, it's hard to find restaurants serving yummy dishes which are value for money as well. Today, we visited a homey cafe, Houz Warming tucked in the busy Bandar Puteri, Puchong. This cafe isn't as popular or as overrated as others but rather, they are more famous among the locals and office workers. 

Here, they serve authentic home cooked Melaka (Nyonya) cuisine which are sure to tantalize your tastebuds. The best part is they have set lunches which are not too pricey and coupled with their generous portions, the food here is worth every single cent spent. Basically, there are 20 dishes on the 'Daily Special' menu which are rotational based on availability of ingredients. The owner, Celine is from Melaka while her husband hails from Ipoh. She mentioned that this cafe was opened because of her passion for cooking and she was interested to share her family heritage with others.

Here are some of the best dishes in the house!

Patong Chicken
This was hands down the best dish for me. This chicken dish consists of pre-fried deboned chicken drumstick and had a special gravy poured over it. The gravy was a little sourish because lime was added to enhance the flavor of the gravy. For me, having the gravy and rice is sufficient for a meal! Yes, it was that good :) This dish also consists of some gingerflower and turmeric as part of its ingredients. 

Asam Bandung
This dish is unique because they added coconut milk inside the usual asam dish. Seafood lovers will enjoy this as it contains peeled prawns and squids. The gravy is made using fresh chillies (which is obvious by its distinct reddish colour), lime and asam paste. It was a little sourish as well and would be good with a hot plate of white rice.

Cheese Butter Milk Chicken Chop
This butter chicken is different from those you usually eat outside. They had gravy on tender and juicy deep fried chicken drumstick. The gravy was fragrant and had a prominent cheesy taste which blended well with the curry powder added into the gravy.

Asam Nenas Prawn
This dish comes with 4-5 fresh medium sized prawns, pineapples and salted fish. They don't add any salt while cooking this because the saltiness from the salted fish itself is enough to bring out the flavour. The gravy is savoury and was also a tad bit sour, very appetizing!

House Special Sambal Fried Fish
The 'cencaru' fish was deep fried and home made sambal was poured over the fish. This is an authentic dish which is rarely served in other places. I liked how crispy the fish is and the 'sambal' wasn't too spicy which is perfect for non-spicy eaters like myself. The generous portion served could be shared between two persons.

Rice with Fried Egg
Just a note, this is served with all those dishes stated above for the set promotion.

Pork Noodle
We got to try the broth of the pork noodle because we were stuffed. Their version of pork noodles is lighter and features clearer soup base in comparison to the usual ones we find in Kuala Lumpur. According to Celine, this recipe is from her in-laws who have been selling pork noodles for 30 years back in Ipoh. There were generous amounts of pork slices and some pork innards as well.

Prawn Noodle
This was exactly what prawn noodle should taste like. The original prawn noodle isn't spicy and should have that strong aroma from the prawns. This is served with either mee/meehoon/kuey teow and its up to you which noodles you prefer. Trust me, one serving of this is definitely not enough!

Hakka Vinegar Pork 
This was different from your usual vinegar pork because they used white rice vinegar in this. For extra sweetness, radish was added as well and therefore, this has a 'cooling' effect to revitalize the body. The cooking process involves boiling for a minimum of 6 hours and is very time consuming. I usually don't eat this but this time, it was extremely appetizing and kept me wanting more :)

Guess what? The best part is it is approximately less than RM 15 per person. Try it out yourself and you'll not regret it :)

Houz Warming Cafe 
5-G, Jalan Puteri 1/6,Bandar Puteri Puchong

Contact Number : 03-8060 0722
Operating Hours : (opens from 8 AM - 10 PM daily)

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