Thursday 10 July 2014

Food: Bari Uma Ramen @ Jaya Shopping Centre

So, these days I have been to a few Japanese restaurants claiming to serve authentic ramen, but unfortunately, it still didn't manage to entice my tastebuds. Little did I know that after my visit to Bari Uma Ramen, my perception on ramen would change drastically.

Bari Uma Ramen is now available in Malaysia but bear in mind, it is not a new ramen house. In fact, they have two shops in Singapore with Japanese chefs whipping up gorgeous bowls of ramen and about 40 outlets in Japan itself. Just a note for the uninitated, Bari translates to super while Uma means tasty. 

Bari Uma boasts on their chewy ramen and their thick soup base. Their pork slices which are imported from Spain are grilled, instead of roasted to bring out the best in the meat. 

Here are what I've tried during my visit:

Noritama-Uma Ramen
This was a bowl of heavenly goodness. The Original ramen I chose was just right for me, springy but not too firm. The soup broth was very thick and I found that it was very flavorful. The eggs which were 50% cooked was so good that they literally melt as you take a bite. 

Kara-Uma Ramen
To be honest, this tasted more like curry noodles. However, the best part of this dish was the 3-layer pork which had a little fat for that juiciness needed to compliment this bowl of ramen. 

Gyoza (Japanese Pan fried Dumpling)
Usually, I don't enjoy gyoza because I hate dumplings. But, I tried this and they were very juicy. Take one bite and you'll know what I mean. I like the dumpling dough which wasn't too thick or floury. Here's a tip, try it with some soy sauce to enhance the flavour of these dumplings.

Negi Mayo Gyoza
This was a little spicy for me and had too much mayonnaise. Since I'm a health conscious person, I would forgo this in my next order. However, for those who don't mind to indulge once in a while, give this a try.

Yakitori Combo
Yakitori is made up of bite-sized of marinated chicken pieces grilled on skewers. It is pretty similar to our Malaysian 'satay' but this one was different because Bari Uma uses pork as well instead of the usual chicken. So juicy and fragrant!

Ishiyaki Chaofan Chashu
I find this pretty unique because it was served in an authentic hot stone bowl. You can even mix the ingredients and literally, cook it yourself in the bowl. It was a bowl of steaming hot fried rice and I enjoyed this very much because they used the special Japanese short grain rice.

Bari-Uma Ramen
Jaya Shopping Centre, L3-11, Level 3, Jalan Semangat,
46100 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Contact Number: +603-7932-2958
Operating Hour: Monday-Sunday (10am-10pm)


  1. I'm now drooling and craving for a big hot bowl of ramen while reading your post. Thank you for the review; will definitely check it out along with the newly refurbished Jaya Shopping Centre soon. ^^

    1. Hi! Thanks for the compliment :) Hopefully you get to try the ramen soon, it's really worth every ringgit :)

  2. omg, your photos look so tempting! :D