Wednesday 9 July 2014

Daily : Discovering Curated Clothing

Online blogshops are all the rage these days and I recently came across Curated Clothing which offers some pretty amazing stuffs. They are still new kids off the block but hey, their site was bornt out of love for Tumblr & fashion! 

I found them different than the rest because they sourced for their items worldwide and therefore, the variety. For you shopaholics out there who wish to buy and contribute to society in one way or another, you'll be glad to know that 10% of their revenue will be directed to charity.

So, here are some of my picks after flipping through their website :) I'm always bias towards pretty dresses by the way! Oh, just a note, the pieces are all pre-ordered, so there is approximately 2-3 weeks before the items get delivered to your doorstep.

RM 55
I'm a die hard fan for lace, because they look so delicate and accentuates your feminity. And, lace on rompers look so sexy, don't they?

RM 75
This piece would be perfect for a casual date on the weekends :)

And here's my personal favourite! How could you not fall in love with this beauty? :) 

RM 55
OMG! I absolutely need to have this dainty princess piece because the skirt is so poofy and cute :) 

To be honest, I find their pieces pretty affordable in comparison to other blogshops. Head over to Curated Clothing and follow them for latest updates!

That's all, toodles!

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