Sunday 20 July 2014

Daily: The Fashion Social @ TANGS 1 Utama

I never thought I had the potential to be a stylist. Never in my wildest dreams, to be honest. Why, you may ask? Simple. My sister is the absolute fashion diva in the family and I conveniently wear whatever she chooses. Well, of course, I have to mix and match myself and that’s where my creativity comes in.

I had the opportunity to unleash those hidden styling skills in me at a recent event yesterday at TANGS 1 Utama. ‘The Fashion Social’ was an event aimed for bloggers to get to know some of their brands which are new and/or exclusive to TANGS Malaysia.

We were briefed on how TANGS started out and it was kind of interesting to learn about how they came about. TANGS is usually thought of as a normal departmental store but it is actually a lifestyle concept store. There are 3 outlets in Malaysia with a slightly different concept to each and is therefore, unique & one of its kind!

The organisers of the event, Caden & Nikki brought us around the store and introduced certain brands to us. Here are some pictures for you guys who have never visited their outlet previously.

After touring around the store, the styling game begins! Here comes the fun part, where our plus ones had to be the model while the bloggers were given one item from each featured brand as listed below:

  • HEADLINE SEOUL (Exclusively at TANGS 1 Utama, TANGS Empire Subang)
  • ARROW BLUE JEANS (Exclusively at TANGS 1 Utama, TANGS Empire Subang, TANGS Genting Highlands)
  • CLOSET (Exclusively at TANGS 1 Utama)
  • PORTRAIT (Exclusively at TANGS 1 Utama, TANGS Empire Subang)
  • DANDELION ACCESSORIES (Available at TANGS 1 Utama, TANGS Empire Subang, TANGS Genting Highlands)

I’m grateful that Jason was all ready to be my model of the day although he was my plus one for this event. We randomly picked a number and got a black blazer from Portrait. It was exciting and the best part is, I was allowed to grab anything off the shelves to match with the given piece. It was entirely up to my own creativity as the stylist to make Jason look as handsome as possible.To be honest, it wasn’t that tough but it was definitely an adrenaline-filled time of dressing him up in the fitting room.

And, I was very proud of his after look! I was rather shocked myself when I saw this boy in the outfit as he stepped out after changing into everything I threw to him. He reminded me of ‘Super Junior’ for their distinct white pants during concert performances. It seemed that I transformed Jason into a Korean superstar!

Here are some pictures of my end product:

Doesn't his outfit looks like what your favourite Korean idol would wear? I'm in love with the ensemble and I secretly wished for all Malaysian boys to dress like this 24/7 :)

With Shades from Dandelion Accessories!

Selfie time, as usual with the model :)

Well, that's it for the day and I'm starting to think, maybe I should start working as a part time stylist. Haha. Thanks to TANGS 1 Utama, it was a Saturday well spent and a huge thanks to my pretty boy model, Jason too :)


  1. Awwww~ you're welcome my stylist of the day :) Thanks for it too! Cheers :)