Monday 10 February 2014

Daily: Unleash The Princess in You with Fanny Crown!

It's every girl's childhood dream to live a day as a princess and to have all eyes on her as she walks into the room. Deny it as much as we want, there are times where we wished we had that perfect dress along with accessories which of course, is fit for royals. A few days ago, I came across Fanny Crown and I thought maybe my dream could finally come true!

Why, you may ask? First off, head over to their website and lay your eyes on those stunning dresses :) Trust me, I was spoiled for choice when I needed to pick the most awesome dress to write this post. Being your average girl, I was going through almost every list there was and finally after much discretion, I finally decided!

Ta-da, yes I chose the Spectacular Floral Trumpet Evening Dress! The first time I laid my eyes on this dress and as cliche as it may sound, I fell in love. I personally felt that the organza material is so delicate, dreamy and dainty at the same time. It flatters and accentuates your figure at the right places because the dress is shaped like a trumpet. As for me, I've always wanted a dress which will flaunt the best of my body because not too long ago, someone special told me that my body was the best asset I have (eventhough I don't have your perfect hourglass figure). Haha.

Nothing in this world will make a girl feel more special than Swarovski crystals. And, that's the very reason why I chose Christian Louboutin's Very Riche Strass for shoes which is completely embedded with shiny crystals that will compliment the dress and not outshine it instead. As for accessories, simplicity is the key and I was thinking of Victoria Townsend Diamond Accent Heart Drop Earrings because you can never go wrong with diamonds. Add the Princess Bracelet by Her Jewellery to match the earrings as well. Next, complete the look with a Red Valentino Bow Soft Leather Clutch which literally screams enchanting and sweet all over.

Makeup should be kept to a minimal since the style I'm creating is more focused on pure and innocent like an angelic princess. I would recommend my all time favourite, Naked 2 Palette which has earthy tones I truly love and is suitable for any occasion. My beauty rule is a girl should never leave her house without a spritz of perfume. I chose Clinique Happy Heart which I reckon is the best choice since its a fragrance which is not too overwhelming and is just the perfect thing to sweep those boys off their feet.

If you're curious, just click here for a complete view from all angles of this beauty.

Wait, you girls will love to know this! The best part is at Fanny Crown, you can custom made your dress so that it fits you without those unsightly loose parts which we loathe. All you need to do is measure according to the guide which is provided on their website. For your viewing purpose, it's right here!

So, this is all part of Fanny Crown's current contest which I really hope to win (keep those fingers crossed!) and the prizes are:

All you need to do is pick a dress from our collection and tell us why you like the style, how you will style the dress (e.g. makeup, accessories, etc) and the occasion you would wear it. It's that simple. Win a voucher for any of your future purchase and a chance to win a FREE dress! We are sure there will be events in your life that our dresses could do the magic on you:

  • 1 x Gold Prize: Write an article on any dress and get a chance to win the dress free of charge, shipping fee included!
  • 3 x Bronze Prize: Win a 100€ voucher for exceptionally written articles.
  • Unlimited x Qualified Articles: Get a 50€ voucher for any qualified articles. We have up to 97% approval rate.

Oh, before I end this inspiring post, look Fanny Crown up on Pinterest or Twitter for more inspirations and perfect dresses for any occasion.

Toodles for now, girls!