Sunday 16 February 2014

Daily: Get Your Own Style with Sheinside

Despite shopping almost every weekend, we girls always complain of having nothing to wear in our wardrobe. Mornings are always a headache because we can never find that perfect outfit for the day despite our closet being overfilled with clothes.

It probably sounds familiar to you girls but, I think I have a solution for it. I stumbled across Sheinside a few weeks ago and discovered that it could be the ultimate shopping haven for all fashionistas out there. They have so many different styles that would fit any girl but as for me, I'm usually towards the cute, chic style. And, my rule for any outfit is it should be as comfortable as possible and hopefully looks good at the same time. 

So, I hand-picked and made a compilation of some of the tops, dresses and bottoms which I really loved. While selecting and browsing through the website, I realised that I tend to pick outfits which has pastel, softer colours.




Vintage is not specifically my kind of thing, but it's a waste not to post this beauties up for your viewing pleasure. Haha. Yes, I would totally wear this too.

Its more of the baroque or retro style but for those who are bolder, I suggest you girls go for it!

Remember, to browse, click for more!


  1. I love the pink lace short skirt and practically ALL the dresses especially the white with black bows and the one with some kind of structure at the skirt part (last row extreme left). Wanna wrap one and give as a gift??? Hehehe.........

    1. I loves the dresses too ... so pretty & sweet. Vintage collections comes awesome prints too!