Saturday 27 April 2013

Foodirector Weekend Hangout at Char Grill Express @ The Publika

So, as most of you guys know, I am the ultimate fan of grilled food and as unhealthy as it is, it sure is yummy. That's why the moment I heard that the next Foodirector hangout was going to be at Char Grill Express, I was so eager to sign up.

As usual, it is a beautiful Saturday and we headed out about 1 PM to avoid the jam. The shop wasn't that difficult to find, but the guards at Publika are so blur sometimes. Lesson learnt : ALWAYS go to the concierge when you need help with the directory and not the guards.

Anyway, back to topic. I found the setting of the restaurant quite welcoming and we turned out to be the earliest to arrive. I sat down and browse through the menu which was on the table and went to the counter to have a look at the food.

So, let me skip to the food. I know you guys are dying to see how good the food looks, no kidding.
As usual, I'm only going to post pictures of food which I would highly recommend you to try.

First up,

Seasoned Chicken which was stuffed with rice and seasoned with herbs as well as spices. This was really good and although I found the chicken a little dry, it was definitely unique and worth trying.

Cream Potatoes was my favourite. It was extremely rich and when you bite into the potatoes, it is so flavorful that it keeps you wanting more of it. A definite thumbs up for this!

I felt that there was similarity between the sauces used to make this Creamy Pasta with the Cream Potatoes. However, if i were to be honest, this wasn't the best pasta I've tasted.

Roast Beef was marinated well and if only it was juicier, it would taste really yummy. I enjoyed it, nevertheless. 

This Tropical Chicken Wrap was out of the norm and i think this was well-made. The pitta bread is just right and the combination of chicken with coleslaw is so good especially for those who wish to have a light snack.

Portuguese Rice was so similar to our local Briyani and goes well with Seasoned Chicken. This rice is aromatic and less rich in spices compared to Briyani.

The all famous Portuguese Style Chicken which is extremely spicy for me. Mind you, spicy food are a no-no for me. For those who are adventurous, I highly recommend this because it is grilled so well that I almost mistaken it for the Indian Tandoori Chicken.

By the time all the food were served, I was so full that I just couldn't take anymore. Looks like I don't need dinner tonight. It was a good lunch and i'm all excited for the next hangout. 

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