Saturday 20 April 2013

Food Director Hangout at Sakura Kristal: Gastronomical Adventure, Maybe?

So, I spent my beautiful Saturday at a Food Director Hangout, mind you, it's the first Saturday that I am free from exams. Well, it wasn't wasted because it was more of an adventure and i'm glad I went anyway. It was barely noon when we headed out and drove to Sakura Kristal Restaurant. The restaurant is located inside the new Giant Hypermarket in Subang Jaya. There were ample of parking space at the mall which was a good thing, obviously :)

I was starving when we arrived and Eric, from Sakura Kristal noted that almost instantly. Thank God for that. He passed us a list of food which would be served, commenting that those dishes were their signature and couldn't be found anywhere else.

Voila, the dishes arrived ^^ Check out the pictures below!

The yummy and rich Peranakan Seafood Curry! The moment i tasted this, i literally fell in love with it. The aroma was so good and eating this with plain rice was heavenly.

This Black Pepper Beef Fried Rice was one of my favourites. The rice was soft and fluffy, it was cooked to perfection. Hands down, the best fried rice i've ever tasted!

Pan-seared Dory Fish wasn't the best of all the dishes served today. I'd prefer this if it has more taste to it. To be honest, I thought that it was a bit bland.

This was so good that I finished everything from the serving plate itself  in the end. Yes, I was a hooligan but it was so good, I swear you can't resist it too. The rice was fragrant, no wonder its called the Indon Treasure.

The Tofu Jongkong Emas. I found the name quite funny, actually. But, nevertheless, this dish was savoury. There's egg, flour and tofu inside, so it can be quite fluffy as you bite into it.

Bread and Butter Pudding has always been my favourite dessert. This was a bit sweet for me but you should give it a try, I would recommend this to those who have an eye for sweet things.

That concludes my gastronomical adventure today. All in all, I'd recommend you guys to try out Sakura Kristal because their prices are affordable, plus the food is yummy as well. Can't wait for the next Food Director Hangout!

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  1. Hi, Thanks for joining Foodirector Hangout! I am jackson from Foodirector. Too bad i have missed the Hangout at Sakura Kristal. Hope to see you in future Hangout!