Sunday 26 May 2013

Foodirector Hangout @ Go Burger Kitchen (GBK) , Setiawalk Puchong

So, as you might have guessed, I have been particularly interested in trying out new food lately. Let me be honest, I have loved tasting new and good food (of course) since I was young. I guess it's till I discovered Foodirector that I was able to put my tastebuds to good use :)

Anyway, it was Wesak Day on Friday and that means public holiday for me. As usual, my exams are coming up once again but I decided to join the hangout since it's at night. I figured I could just study in the morning.

It was burgers and i could never resist them. We headed to Go Burger Kitchen (GBK) at Setiawalk, Puchong about 6.30 PM to avoid the rush hour. Thank God that there weren't any jam on the way there. Just when I thought everything fell into place, here comes the worst part. Finding the restaurant was like finding a pin in a haystack. Yeah, it was that hard, I swear I am not exaggerating it. We walked for almost an hour before deciding to just call someone. Silly, yes I know. Take note, it's actually upstairs and not the same level as most of the shops or as I would say it, the happening area.

Cut the story short, we did reach in time and I guess that's all that matters. Haha. Ta-daaaa!

Down to the real business, the food. I liked the atmosphere at the restaurant, it feels cosy and homely actually. Oh by the way, if you guys don't know yet, GBK is the one with the all famous Goliath Burger Challenge consisting of 4x4oz beef or pork patties, 2 hash browns, 3 eggs, cheese, bacon, onions, tomatoes, lettuce plus 200 g of fries. If you could eat all that in 15 minutes, the burger is free! 

But, anyway, as interesting as it sounds, I wasn't ready to conquer the monstrosity for the night. We settled for the regular burgers and let me be straight out, I remember trying only three types from the menu. So, I will be only writing about those. I definitely can't judge what I didn't tasted, sorry guys.

Hungry Hog. 
Cute name and I thought this was the best out of the lot. The patties were a little dry but I thought that the flame-grilled cheese was absolutely tasty. There was tomato paste on the buns and I thought it complimented the whole burger, giving it the extra zest. Give this one a try!

Swiss Piggy.
The caramelized onion was a good idea in this one because I am usually not a big fan of onions in burgers. The smell and taste is too pungent for me. This was a smaller-sized burger compared to the previous one. This had mushrooms in it and personally, I found it flavorful. Just my type of burger.

El Charizo.
This one wasn't on the permanent menu. It was something we tried outside the ordinary menu. Surprisingly, I found this yummy, but I reckon that the Pringles should be taken out. It was soggy and the taste didn't really blend well with the patties. Put that aside, it was alright because I love sausages and this one had tons of it.

Overall, I think that burger lovers should give it a try. It's quite worth it, in my opinion. Right, that's the end of my burger gastronomical adventure on a Friday night. Till next time!

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  1. We are happy to know that we put your tastebuds to good use!! Great to have you with us :)

    Jackson Khoo