Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Sixteen Years.

Today is finally the day. Sixteen years ago, she was born. 26 August 1993.

She is, had been and will always be

A pure genius in literature and poetry.

A fan of FOREVER 21 products.

An Adam Lambert fan. Even her emoticons are faces of Adam Lambert.

A huge fan of J.K. Rowling. I think she would do anything for the author of Harry Potter.

A famous person for elaborate fashion. Consult her for any fashion tips.

A singer with a great voice. Somehow, she reminds me of the Gardenia advertisement.

An extremely dedicated St. John’s member. Mind you, it’s the organization. Not the school

A person who loves blue. You turn right, you turn left, she’s always armed with something blue.

A person who NEVER eats during recess. Maybe once or twice occasionally.

A huge fan of BEBE products. It’s so her, don’t you think?

An avid fan of Harry Potter. I never knew anyone that loves Harry Potter more than her.

A Gossip Girl fan. *high five*

A person who sleeps at 4 a.m. Everyday.

A perfect storekeeper. Just have a look at her baby, the sickbay.

A person who never quits and hates Twilight. God knows what Stephenie Meyer did to her.

A person who always, always get the job done on time. You know you can count on her


A person used to regularly TAG at my blog. Now, she doesn’t anymore. Boo.

She is the one and only super dedicated, super nice, super understanding



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