Sunday 30 August 2009

Independence. Freedom

I am sitting at home staring at the computer screen, wondering what I should be typing.

It's precisely 25 minutes more to the 52nd Merdeka Celebration. What am I doing here exactly? Thanks to the stupid, damn H1n1. That's the reason why we should stay at home and die of boredom. =O This is the first year I'm staying at home on the eve of Merdeka. How anti-climatic. This sucks. I know I'm being an extremely whiny brat, but I'm bored. Don't blame me. =P

Well, I would suggest all of you to download this song, or just go listen to it on youtube or something.

AMP All Stars - Satu Malaysia

It's in three languages, and it has this really cheeky tune. It's stuck in my head and it is not because I'm feeling extremely patriotic. It actually made me proud to be a Malaysian. I bet you'll feel the same. =)

Last but not least,

HAPPY 52nd Independence Day, Malaysia

Together, we're strong. United we stand, forever and ever. That's the way it's gonna be
Satu bangsa, satu suara, satu negara, satu irama

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