Tuesday 25 August 2009

Derrick's Sweet Sixteen Bash.

I'm back from times square and pavilion. Well, first, I would like to thank DERRICK LOW for having this party and the best part, belanja-ing us. That's so cool. Yeah, when you're facing bankruptcy, then it's freakin awesome.



Although I'm the oh-so-good event manager, nothing of this could ever be done without Derrick. But, come to think of it, I love planning events. It's like I have a skill in it. Oh, so darn right?
And, maybe what Sheng said was right. I'm exactly like a mother with children who are older than me. =O

See, I'm matured. I'm not childish. I told you, didn't I?

But, people, pictures later. For Derrick is too busy to update them on facebook. Bluek.
Busy doing something, eh? I know, I had been "disturbing" you today with my voice.
I was doing this documentary on Derrick's outing and Sheng kept asking me to sit down. Why, you ask? Because there was this couple at the next table who looked annoyed. But, who cares, right? It's a restaurant, not a hotel room. It's supposed to be noisy. I'm just creating the mood. =)

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