Sunday 21 June 2009


You stand there as 'it' floats away waving goodbye at you with the smile that you wished you never saw.

Isn't it scary to run away from something you are so sure is terrible yet you're not convinced that it is the right move? All because you try to remind yourself that it isn't real. You try so hard that your brains could probably burst right through your head and the gory tiny bits from it will spread across your perfectly ironed cotton shirt. After a few seconds, you cry in dismay because you realize that it was the only shirt you had. You shake it off by reminding yourself that you are still alive and there are more to come from it.

The scariest part is not that, in fact.
It was definitely something, or perhaps it was a little thing to remind me that things can change within a blink of an eye. As much as I try to dismiss that fact, it keeps haunting me, unfortunately. I am not very lucky in this matter. A weighing scale would be appropriate in this situation or rather, a schedule. It must be due to the time I spend thinking of it generally. It is definitely time for me to rectify it. I'm glad it is soon.

Convincing myself had been my hobby these days. How productive, you say.

Therefore, I am to blame in these situations.

Metaphorically described.

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