Thursday 11 June 2009

Beaches are okay, I guess.

Beach-ing around.


As predicted, I went to the much hated beach.
All because I didn't want to stay home and risk the chance of going out.
Or all because I was worried that they would go on a gastronomical trip after that excluding me.

Don't blame me.

This is what we call as plain silly.
" We are on the beach, playing in the hot, scorching sun under an UMBRELLA".

Who said I had bad photography skills?

I thought of KM when I saw this.
How significant, right?

It's linked. OMG.

Your Cuteness. =)

I have no idea what this is.
But, it died.
So, this is a tribute to it.

Of "us".
I L.o.V.e this picture. Aww.

I thought this looked like some beauty queen thing.
Unfortunately, I'm a runner-up. =(

BY the way, I'm excited.
Because of youknowwho.

AND, derrick, do chill, alright?
It will be fine.
Getting all stressed up is not an answer to your problems.

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