Wednesday 25 March 2009


-Continued recount-

I know that you people must think that this is so damn boring. But, trust me, if you went DCLDS, you wouldn't say that this recount thing I'm doing is boring.
My recount posts are considerably short, so don't complain.

Second Day.

Breakfast. Foot drill. Obstacle course.
Yeah, I got soaked in mud and flour and water. In fact, the whole committee did. =)
Da TKY code. I wasn't involved in this. Instead, I had to clean the canteen up with
Xiau Wei and Suet Ling. It was dirty but somehow, we managed to clean it.
And, I actually clean the canteen in dirty clothes. I know, i know, it's unhygienic.
Finally, I went to shower after that. I seriously never felt that happy to be clean.
Music station.
This is KM's station but I took over from her because she wanted to clean herself up.
Practiced dance all by myself. I can see that annoyed look on your faces. 
It's just that I'm still learning how to dance and I'm not a pro like Suet Ling.
Doesn't practice makes perfect anyway?
Pre-talent night. I helped Mich with the dance steps for the performance.
And, damn, was it hard to teach some of my own squad members.
Nevertheless, Mich still tried her best to teach each of them.
Therefore, I owe Mich a huge fat 'THANK YOU' for staying strong through the
bad times with my dearest squad.


It was Talent Night after that. Dances and performances. I didn't eat dinner and then, obviously, I got gastric. How smart, right? Ate the leftovers chicken with KM and Niro.
Food never tasted better. Yummy. =)
Had committee meeting after that and before I know it, it was time to get my beauty sleep.

Third Day.

Rise and Shine at 6. I remembered that I was having a sweet dream.
Only to be cut short by dear Suet Ling. Haha.
Morning Fitness. Ran around the skylite. Breakfast. Brain teasers.
Closing ceremony. 

The End.
I miss camp. *sigh*
I want more. =)


Are we really that problematic?
Are we really that difficult?
I know that everyone expects 4 Alpha to be really dedicated in everything we do.
I'm still trying hard to love choral speaking. AT least, I'm trying. 

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