Friday 13 February 2009

The Change.

Since I had been rather horrible lately, I am going to change.
Turn over a new leaf probably.
I had been letting too many people down lately.
I had been too immature.
So, I guess I'm going for a change.

If you can see through this.


J's poem. I can't resist to post this.

School leads to boredom,
Boredom leads to depression,
Depression leads to suicide,
Suicide leads to death,
Death leads to depression in parents,
In the end,
Everyone regrets

I wonder what will happen when teacher sees this.

My Poem.

I looked up at the clear blue sky,
Only to see birds flying free,
I only wanted to escape this,
All of a sudden,
I yearn for a hug,
There you were,
Standing a few feet away from me,
I did not stop to think,
I just ran towards you,
Only to be melted in your embrace.

My favourite.

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