Wednesday 18 February 2009

Syara's Sweet 16.

I know the post is a little late but I had been really busy this few days.
Gawd, exam is in two weeks time. And, I'm screwed for Bio.

Anyway, this post is mainly on Syara. Not me.
Wait, let me go steal pictures from Syara. Just a minute.


10 minutes later


K and I.

Syara took this. Gawd, I look silly.

The "early people".

Try to spot me. =)

Birthday Princess Syara. And her cake.

Aww, so sweet
I almost had to do that. =)

K and I. Again.

My darling brother, W. And me. =)

After that, we were all supposed to watch a movie.
But, D suggested to walk around Pavilion.
So, D, KM, W and I ended up walking around together.
Thanks W for not getting bored of us.
Even if you were bored, I know better that you wouldn't say so.

Thanks, D for the earrings. I'm so going to get you something.

The End.
I'm already planning for the next outing.

Sorry Michelle Lim for being mad at you.


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