Sunday 1 February 2009

Chinese New Year-Last Day

It's not exactly the last day of Chinese New Year but it is the last day of celebrating it for me.
I never wanted it to end.

I went out the whole day today. Open houses again.
I played with Nicholas and Michelle’s PS2. Spongebob Squarepants. Danny Phantom.
Oh, I feel like a little child again.
I came back at 12 midnight. And, I felt sick.
It was probably because I slept at 2 am the night before and woke up at 10 am.
8 hours of sleep is definitely not enough for me.

This had been my best Chinese New Year so far.
I will definitely miss everything especially the fact that:

1. I should not allow my emotions to get affected by others.
2. I should quit being whiny and motherly especially.
3. I should be a more caring person like W. =)
4. I should really stop daydreaming. I daydream too much.

And what comes out of me from this Chinese New Year is a whole new Kah Wai.
Who will try not to be in love with anyone for at least this year.

There are some things that you should never see,
I’ll just lock myself in there,
The only place where my tears could flow freely,
For the secret I will never tell.

I don’t even know why I wrote this. It’s probably how I really feel.

I'm going to forget you. Goodbye, memories.

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